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Greek islands travelTake cash on a Greek holiday

Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands have been advised not to rely on credit cards if they plan on flying out for a holiday over the next few months. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office web page on travel to Greece warns holidaymakers to make sure they have plenty of cash for their holidays. The warning comes as fears continue of a possible economic collapse as the Greek government struggle to pay off international loans. The Greek Tourist Board insists there are no immediate problems with Greek banks but visitors to Greece and the Greek islands are advised not to ely solely on credit and debits cards and local ATM cash machines. The British government is cautious over the uncertainly surrounding Greek membership of the Eurozon...

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lesvos sikiminias

The Greek holiday island of Lesvos was once the 'Magaluf' of ancient Greece, famous for sex tourism and the exotic beauty of its women, according to a new BBC TV documentary. It is known today for its links with links with lesbian women and the female poet Sappho

Greek hotel rooms booking scam

Room owners in the Greek Islands have been warned to register their holiday lets or face a stiff fine as the Greek government tightens up on tax evasion. The initiative has been launched by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), as it tries to fight back against the rising rate of black market rooms.

Kos airport plane landing

Tourist arrivals in Greece and the Greek Islands rose a remarkable 23% last year, according to the year–end figures from official sources. The UK and Germany still hold the top two places for Greek Islands holidays with 2.09 million UK visitors in 2014 and 2.46 from Germany.

Alykanas beach Zante

Greek Island holidays look set to stay cheaper this year after the new Greek government ruled out a hike in VAT for tourism industries. Fears were growing among hotel and taverna owners across Greece that they might have to increase their prices in the summer season.

lefkas porto karsiki beach

One of the most famous holiday beaches in the Greek Islands could be closed to the public because of the danger from falling rocks. The stunning white cliffs of Porto Katsiki beach, on the Ionian island of Lefkas, has been voted among the most attractive in Greece.

parthenon elgin marbles statues

Greek culture officials are furious after the British Museum refused to take part in talks over the future of the Parthenon Marbles. Museums director Sir Richard Lambert rejected a United Nations' offer to chair talks over the future of the Marbles.

halkidiki afitos beach

UK holidaymakers are giving holidays in Greece the thumbs up this year with a massive 66% increase in British visitors to the Greek Islands in January. And its not just the Brits that are booking flights to Greece.

corfu easter candles

Thousands of holidaymakers will be making their way to the Greek Islands to enjoy the traditional Easter celebrations that are famed throughout the world. Holiday website firms report a surge in visitor numbers

platanias beach crete

Rubbish on Greek island holiday beaches has been a problem for years and you can't always blame the Greeks for the mess that greets many summer holiday visitors. Cigarette ends stuck in the sands is more often the fault of foreign visitors.

hellenic seaplanes otter

Corfu may be on track to launch its new seaplane services this year but officials are concerned about exactly where they will be allowed to land. Seaplane flights got a boost last year when the Greek government decided to fast–track applications to build seaplane strips.

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Lion statues on Delos island

The holy island of Delos, one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in the world, is on the top of the list for maintenance and restoration works. Many ancient monuments on the holy island, just off the coast . . .

Greek favourite - beef stifado

Stifado is a traditional Greek dish served up by virtually every Greek Island taverna. Stifado is a meaty stew made with shallot onions and should be pronounced stifatho rather than stifado with emphasis on the 'fa'. The meat is usually beef . . .

Loggerhead turtles in danger

One good reason not to book a Greekisland holiday in Laganas on Zante this year. Greece is to face European court action over the illegal dumping of waste on the holiday beach of Kalamaki, an important nesting ground for endangered sea turtles.

Corfu Magloudes torpedo

There are many hidden Corfu holiday attractions for summer visitors to the island but few more curious than the ad–hoc monuments to the Second World War. Relics of the war can be found in some unusual places.

kos castle

Kos Town plans to do much more promote its historic centre and create an 'Open Archaeological and Historical Park' to attract more visitors. Kos town is already famous for its heritage sites.

Ionian Sea Kyparissia Bay

Greece faces action by the European Court of Justice for failing to protect the nesting sites of endangered turtles. The announcement comes just as the 2014 turtle nesting season is about to begin and a case is expected to come before the European Court later this year.

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