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Greek holiday bookings for 2015 have taken a nosedive as canny holidaymakers adopt a wait-and-see attitude to the latest political crisis in Greece. Holidaymakers hoping to cash in on early-bird deals with deposits on 2015 holidays could find themselves out of pocket if snap elections bring right-wing political parties to power in Greece. The radical Syriza party, rapidly gaining ground among disaffected Greeks, is pushing for a default on international loans and an early Greek exit from the Euro. Such a move could force a return to the drachma with a huge impact on the Greek economy. The collapse of any new Greek currency could also make Greek Island holidays much cheaper. Unfortunately for many Greek hoteliers, accommodation deals for 2015 have already been agreed with the major tour...

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burger king

As Greek tavernas face rising costs and tougher trading a new threat is about to sail over the horizon - a chain of Burger King fast food outlets is poised to open across Greece. The mere whiff of a Burger King on the Greek Islands could turn the stomachs of many tourists.

Athens stock exchange

Just as Greece looked set to turn the corner, the country has been plunged into an uncertain future, thanks to a government decision to hold a snap election and a vote of confidence.

ios port

Santorini has always been on people's wish-lists for a place to visit if you happen to be charting in the Cyclades, but the local authorities have now made the island of Ios a definite little bit of heaven to visit.

greek marbles parthenon ilissos statue

The row between Britain and Greece over the Parthenon Marbles continues to simmer after a decision by the British Museum to ship one of the Parthenon Marbles to an exhibition in Russia. #

Greek hotel rooms booking scam

Greek island holidays may cost more next year if plans go ahead to double the VAT tax rates on hotel rooms as Greece tries desperately to pay off its international debts. The possibility has triggered howls of protest.

corfu airport

More than a dozen Greek Island airports are set to be sold off in a move aimed at filling the Greek government's cash-strapped coffers. Airports on many popular holiday islands are to be privatised

hellenic seaplanes otter2

The popular holiday island of Corfu looks set to get Greek island seaplane services flying again after a deal was signed to open the first water airport in Greece. The move follows clearance by Greek environmental officials.

crete video promo screenshot

Crete is not only one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece, it also comes tops for its regular video promotions and tourism campaigns and the latest video campaign is no exception.


The tiny island of Delos is an archaeological gold mine with treasures often unearthed. Now historians have discovered a pottery and ancient commercial centre buried under the waves.

little mytilini island for sale lesvos

Fancy buying a private Greek Island for an extra special Christmas present? One of the most beautiful islands in Greece is up for sale and it's located off the popular Greek holiday island of Lesvos in the north Aegean.

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Poisonous puffer fish

Bathers in Greek Islands' holiday resorts and other Mediterranean tourist hotspots are warned to be on the lookout for a poisonous puffer fish. The poisonous fish (pufferfish) has recently appeared in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean. . .

Winter snowstorm on Skopelos

Summer beach holidays in the Greek islands bring blue skies and almost guaranteed sunshine from June to September. Not so in the winter. The dominant feature of Greek Islands' weather in summer may be hot and dry summers . . .

Zante holiday waterpark

Family holidays on Zante have proved hugely popular and Zante, also called Zakynthos, is many families' Greek island holiday of choice. Although a beach holiday is the main attraction, anyone can tire of sunbathing and swimming . . .

Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos

The picturesque island of Mykonos, one of the larger of the Cyclades Islands, is visited by countless tourists every year. And it's not difficult to see why. It is heralded as being the typical Greek island with sun, sea and sand alongside a beautiful rolling landscape.

Ryanair planes on the tarmac

Cheap flight airline Ryanair has launched it first domestic services in Greece between Chania in Crete and the mainland city of Thessaloniki. The low-cost airline said this could pave the way for more routes across Greece and the Greek island

halkidiki afitos beach

The British are putting Greece and the Greek islands among their favourite travel destinations in a new travel agent poll with more than 1.9 million Briton on Greek islands holidays last year.

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