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The Greek Islands is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The islands fall into several groups with the Argo-Saronic near Athens, the Cyclades in the central Aegean, the North Aegean islands off the north-west coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese along the Turkish coast, the Sporades off the Greek east coast, while the Ionian lie west of the mainland.

Greek seaplane

July 2014 Seaplane services between the holiday islands of Greece are a step nearer as the go-ahead is given to test water runways at Greek ports in the Peloponnese. It paves the way to introduce seaplane services between many Greek Islands later this year, boosting services for tourists with a network of seaplanes operating between islands and between islands and ports on the Greek mainland. The decision to test the operation of water runways for seaplanes was agreed at a meeting of the...

Stamis Moraitis

A heart warming story extolling the virtues of the Greek lifestyle has been making it's way around the internet. We doubt whether there will ever be a better advert for the health benefits this region can bring.

blue flag 2014

It's a bumper year for the Greek Islands in 2014 as its holiday beaches notch up a total of 408 prestigious Blue Flag awards for safe, clean sands and another 10 awards for boat marinas.

Samos taverna

Another month, another bumper influx of visitors on Greek Island holidays as tourism officials report numbers up 17% on 2013 with more than 3.5 million holidaymakers up to May this year.

lesvos beach street festival

Holiday visitors to the Greek island of Lesvos located in the north-east Aegean can enjoy a weekend beach street festival in August that features urban graffiti and music.

Zante loggerhead turtle caretta

Greece had been condemned by the European Court for failing to protect endangered sea turtles as it dumps household waste on a key nesting sit on a protected beach in Zante.

Base jumping on Zante

Alarm bells are ringing over reports that the famous 'Shipwreck' holiday beach of Navagio on Zante may have been sold off to a property company with links to the Emir of Qatar.


Many first time holidaymakers ro Greek and the Greek Islands will remark on tasting their first Greek tomato or melon that they had no idea that vegetables and fruit could taste this good.

tui planes

More Brits than ever before are flying out to take their holiday break in the Greek Islands according to latest travel industry figures more than two million tourists from the UK in 2014.

Greek taverna Leros

It appears Brits enjoying a Greek Island holiday come way down the league when it comes to leaving a tip. An online survey has found that only 26% of Brits leave a tip for good service.

samos cinema

Open air cinemas are a popular feature of Greek Island holidays and many of the larger islands, and some of the smallest, will have screens set up in the open for holiday visitors.

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As the cradle of western civilization Greece has probably done the most for western culture. Today's Greece is packed with museums, monuments and archaeological sites.

Greek food has never been as enjoyed as much. Supermarket shelves heave with Greek-style yoghurts and the Mediterranean diet is world famous for its health benefits.

Greek holiday visitors will quickly notice two things about the Greek lifestyle. First is the sheer friendliness and second is the relaxed attitude to timekeeping.

Travel in the Greek islands can seem a marathon, given the number of interesting islands and the fascinating sights. Most holiday visitors restrict themselves to one island.

Variety is the key to a Greek island holiday and you can take your pick of barely inhabited peaceful retreats to 24-hour beach parties but each island has its own unique attractions.

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