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Greek islands travelFears for the future of pure Greek feta

The future of exclusive Greek feta cheese could be under threat in the wake of a new international trade deal. A recent EU trade deal with Canada includes clauses that remove PDO protection for feta, prompting outrage among Greek farmers. The loss has triggered fears among Greek dairy producers about the fate of Greek strained yoghurt brands which enjoy similar protection. Greek farmers are also concerned that similar deal might be struck with Britain in the wake of Brexit and that feta cheese sold in UK supermarkets could as easily by made in Aldershot as Attica. Feta has enjoyed protected status since 2002 when the EU named it Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) product. ...

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The caldera of Santorini Greece

Expect to find it easier to hold your wedding on one of the Greek islands soon. A deal agreed by holiday giant TUI UK and the website BookYourWeddingDay do a deal.

Afionas beach Corfu

January has seen a surge in bookings for Greek Islands holidays according to the world's largest travel group TUI. January is always a busy time for travel companies.

Snow on beach

Just as you are planning your summer Greek Islands holiday news comes in of heat snowfalls and plunging temperatures across the Aegean.

Kassiopi harbour Corfu

The small but popular Corfu beach resort of Kassiopi looks set to undergo a multi-million euro facelift. A deal to develop a massive hotel complex looks likely.

olive oil bottles

Olive oil is one of Greece's best products so why do we see so little in UK shop? The answer is the failure of the Greek government to promote the product.

lalaria beach skiathos

Advance bookings for 2017 Greek Island holidays from the UK are up a healthy 11% on last year. Latest tourism data shows similar rises for Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.

The caldera of Santorini Greece

Santorini may be pulling in the holiday visitors; the problem is where to put them all. International arrivals at the island airport are up more than a third year on year.

skiathos airport landing

Greek Island holidaymakers are a lot more stingy with their holiday cash. Latest figures show tourists in Greece kept a much tighter grip on their wallets this year.

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Souvlaki is a popular Greek dish

The principles of Greek cooking; the use of fresh ingredients, excellent olive oil, slow cooking and grilling, have remained since the days of Ancient Greece and dishes have changed little.

Greek sea urchin

Sea urchins are the bane of many Greek holidaymakers. Now marine scientists believe the sea urchin's body may act as a 'giant eye' that can detect objects.

Beach on Mykonos Greece

Gay tourists are giving Greek Island holidays the thumbs down, according to the latest research into the Greek beach holiday tourism market. Greek island holidays on Lesbos and Mykonos beaches have been popular destinations with the gay . . .

Preparing to dive at Camp Phoenix

Living with a disability is not easy and a Greek island diving holiday may not be the first place to look for help with coping. But a scuba diving company on the Greek island of Ios hopes to change all that. On Ios there is now a beach-front diving school . . .

Corfu Magloudes torpedo

There are many hidden Corfu holiday attractions for summer visitors to the island but few more curious than the ad-hoc monuments to the Second World War. Relics of the war can be found in some unusual places.

Fresh Veg

Greek cuisine is becoming a popular export with gastrophiles from across Europe embracing delicious mediterranean cooking. Recipe websites record many searches for traditional Greek delicacies, and restaurants outside of Greece will often offer Greek dishes on their menus.

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