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Greek islands travelSantorini suffers under tourism boom

Santorini may be pulling in the holiday visitors; the problem is where to put them all. Tourism leaders on the popular Greek island are delighted and the steady rise in international arrivals at the island airport — up more than a third year on year. And they are flying in greater numbers too with a 400% rise in holiday visitors to the island over the past five years. But the influx has triggered a massive increase in hotel and apartment building on the small island, and not everyone is happy with the results. Santorini mayor, Nicos Zorsos, says he is, of course, pleased at the soaring popularity with visitors but describes the hotel building on the island as 'excessive'. It follows reports that the number of hotel beds on Santorini now is 990 per square kilometre, a number gr...

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skiathos airport landing

Greek Island holidaymakers are a lot more stingy with their holiday cash. Latest figures show tourists in Greece kept a much tighter grip on their wallets this year.

Seaplane lands near Corfu

Ambitious plans to launch seaplane services in the Greek Islands look ready to be sunk under Greek government plans to place private waterway projects under state control.

spanakopita cheese pie

Greek food is enjoying a bit of a comeback at the moment with several Greek cookbooks on the market while holiday visitors to the Greek islands increasingly opt for traditional dishes.

Kos refugees

Some Greek Islands are still suffering a drop in tourism despite no evidence of any refugee contact with tourists. Islands lying in the north Aegean and along the Turkish coast have suffered worst.

Skopelos taverna

Abolishing tax relief on the Greek islands appears to have backfired with VAT revenues from tourism dropping by 40% in just five months, according to some reports.

zante nagavio shipwreck

Greek islands holiday visitors can expect to pay more for their holidays following the dramatic vote to leave the EU. Greek tourism officials warn of 'unforeseeable consequences'.

The Hoppet Sailing Ship

Leros island holidaymakers have been dancing in the street since the arrival of the Hoppet sailing ship. They were joined by local people and Syrian refugees for a display of traditional Greek dance.

Agios Athanasios island for sale

Behind the recent sell-off of Greek airports are plans to dispose of up to 500 Greek Islands as part of plans to sell more than 70,000 state-owned properties to boost state coffers.

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Windsurfer in Lefkas

Anyone looking for a summer windsurfing break will be hard put to find anywhere better than a holiday in Lefkas. Set in a deep, sheltered bay on the south coast of Lefkas, the Greek island holiday resort of Vassiliki bursts into life . . .

Alykanas beach Zante

Alykanas is one of Zante's most popular Greek beach holiday resorts and located about 18km north-west of Zakynthos Town and very close to the equally popular beach resort of Alykes.

Crazy nights at clubs in Laganas

Policing the popular holiday tourist strip of Laganas, Zante, looks set to remain a problem after locals failed to reach agreement on cracking down on late-night hooligans.

Mastichari beach on Kos

Nestled in the South Aegean Sea is Kos, a small island that offers both peace and tranquillity with a party atmosphere at night. If you're looking at last minute holidays there can be no finer choice than Kos to escape the cold winter days . . .

Symi ferry Skiadeni

Greek island visitors can enjoy a new holiday service to Symi after the launch of the ferry boat Panagia Skiadeni. The ferry service started on April 1 with regular services on most days of the week between Symi and Rhodes.

Greek grapes

Greek wines are making a bit of a comeback with a sharp rise in demand despite the country's ailing economy Greek wine producers are enjoying a big rise in demand not only from abroad but also from Greece itself.

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