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The Greek Islands is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The islands fall into several groups with the Argo-Saronic near Athens, the Cyclades in the central Aegean, the North Aegean islands off the north-west coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese along the Turkish coast, the Sporades off the Greek east coast, while the Ionian islands lie west of the mainland.

kefalonia earthquake

Cash help could be on the way for the Ionian holiday island of Kefalonia hit earlier this year by a 5.8 earthquake and a series of severe aftershocks. European ministers have earmarked €3.7 million from the European Union Solidarity Fund towards clean-up costs following the series of earth tremors that struck the island in January this year. The earthquake struck on 26 January to the north-east of the island...

lesvos sappho festival

Lesvos will welcome over 1,000 women from all over the world at the two-week International Eressos Women's Festival 2014 that is launched on the island every September.

lesvos petrified forest

The remarkable petrified forest of Lesvos, the largest such site in Europe and of international scientific significance, could be in for a world ranking heritage award.

patmos st john monastery

The Dodecanese island of Patmos has long been slightly off the Greek island holiday tourist trail but that could all be about to change with plans to promote the island in 2015.

Greek Island Beach

Most visitors are highly satisfied with their holidays in the Greek Islands, according to an independent poll of visitor satisfaction.

Alykes holiday beach on Zante

UK tourists on holiday in the Greek islands are opening their wallets and spending a lot more money this year, according to latest figures on revenue from tourism.

Wildfire outbreaks across Greek Islands

Despite a recent summer heatwave across Greece and the Greek islands, firefighters report a significant drop in the number of woodland fire outbreaks this year.


With a record number of holidaymakers heading for Greek Island beaches this summer it is worth noting that Greece has the worst record in Europe for sea drownings.

greek ambulance

Take care of your health while on a holiday in the Greek Islands. A shocking shortage of doctors and qualified medical staff on the islands has prompted medics out of retirement

villa de vechi rhodes

A Greek luxury holiday villa Villa de Vecchi on Rhodes, built for the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, has been put on the open market after lying derelict for more than 50 years

Tingaki beach on the island of Kos

UK tourists taking their August holidays in the Greek Island have been warned to stay out of the mid-day sun as temperatures take off in a prolonged heatwave.

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As the cradle of western civilization Greece has probably done the most for western culture. Today's Greece is packed with museums, monuments and archaeological sites.

Greek food has never been as enjoyed as much. Supermarket shelves heave with Greek-style yoghurts and the Mediterranean diet is world famous for its health benefits.

Greek holiday visitors will quickly notice two things about the Greek lifestyle. First is the sheer friendliness and second is the relaxed attitude to timekeeping.

Travel in the Greek islands can seem a marathon, given the number of interesting islands and the fascinating sights. Most holiday visitors restrict themselves to one island.

Variety is the key to a Greek island holiday and you can take your pick of barely inhabited peaceful retreats to 24-hour beach parties but each island has its own unique attractions.

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