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Greek islands travelTax shock for Greek Islands

Abolishing tax relief on the Greek islands appears to have backfired with VAT revenues from tourism dropping by 40% in just five months, according to some reports. Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands used to enjoy lower prices thanks to low VAT rates for many businesses, notably hotels and restaurants. The low VAT rate was allowed in order to compensate for the extra costs of shipping in goods such as food, drinks and other consumables out to the islands. But the Greek government abolished the relief on Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Corfu, Zante and Kefalonia in June last year and have recently rolled out the VAT rise across another dozen Greek islands. VAT relief was abolished to raise more cash to help pay off Greece's international debts. But latest figures show holiday island VA...

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zante nagavio shipwreck

Greek islands holiday visitors can expect to pay more for their holidays following the dramatic vote to leave the EU. Greek tourism officials warn of 'unforeseeable consequences'.

The Hoppet Sailing Ship

Leros island holidaymakers have been dancing in the street since the arrival of the Hoppet sailing ship. They were joined by local people and Syrian refugees for a display of traditional Greek dance.

Agios Athanasios island for sale

Behind the recent sell-off of Greek airports are plans to dispose of up to 500 Greek Islands as part of plans to sell more than 70,000 state-owned properties to boost state coffers.

Healthy eating at Ikaria taverna

Greek island holidays look set to get more expensive this year, on some of the islands anyway. The Greek government has scrapped a VAT rate discount on several Greek holiday islands.

landing at corfu airport

The sell-off of many of the Greek Islands airports used by UK holidaymakers has been given the green light. The Greek government has ratified contracts with a German-Greek consortium.

Kokkari beach on Samons

Four fabulous Greek Island beaches have made it into the top dozen beaches list for Europe, according to the website European Best Destinations. The website runs up a list of top European holiday beaches every year.

Bikini Beach by Marinos E- Tsagkarakis

Tourism promotions of Greek Island holidays will naturally feature the most beautiful sights. Pristine seas and golden beaches are the mainstays of holiday posters and videos

landing at corfu airport

It's another record year for Greek Island holidays as official figures confirm expectations of more visitors than ever in 2015 with arrivals in Greece up 7.1%.

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Taverna sign

A smoking ban in Greece always seemed a non-starter as anyone enjoying a holiday meal in a Greek taverna will testify despite several anti-smoking crackdowns by the Greek government.

Bikes on Kalymnos

Motorbike hire is hugely popular with youngsters on Greek island holidays — but they should be aware of the dangers. By August this year 203 motorcyclists had died on Greek roads, by far the worst death rate in the whole of Europe . . .

Book authors love Lesvos island

Scatterlight Donkeys & Foxballs Ice Cream is a book of photos and stories from Lesvos by Julie Smit and Jan van Lent with artwork by Jeroen Koster. Dutch residents of Molyvos, Julie Smit and Jan van Lent, clearly love the Greek island of Lesvos . . .

Learning to sea kyak on a Skopelos holiday

Many people are looking for more in a Greek island holiday than lying on the beach and sipping beer in a taverna. Now a Skopelos holiday company Aegean Escapes is pulling in holiday visitors with popular courses in sea kayaking.

The Greek breakfast

Eating out in a is just one of the memories many bring back from a Greek Island holiday. Now holidaymakers can recapture the taste on a newly launched English language version of the "Greek Breakfast".

The caldera of Santorini Greece

Romance is in the air on the Greek holiday island of Santorini. So far this year, more than 1,000 couples have exchanged vows on the Aegean island of this year

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