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The Greek Islands is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. These island guides cover the Argo-Saronic group near Athens, the Cyclades islands in the central Aegean, the North Aegean islands off the north-west coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese along the Turkish coast, the Sporades off the Greek east coast, and the Ionian islands that lie west of the mainland.

laptop on beach

Greek island holidaymakers hoping to connect to free Wi-Fi hot-spots next summer may have to wait longer despite Greek government pledges to have a free nationwide Wi-Fi network in place by early 2015. The Greek Ministry of Infrastructure now says that the first of the promised 4,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots in Greece will not be ready until the summer of 2015 in a project that is already estimated to cost the government around €15 million. Greek Prime Minister Antonis...

Parthenon Marbles Elgin

The Greeks have no plans for court action against the British Government over its outright refusal to return the Parthenon Marbles to their original home after international lawyers discussed the case.

Greek island ferry bad weather

Thousands of holiday visitors drive their cars onto Greek Island ferries over the summer holiday months but an island hopping trip in the car out of season can be a different proposition entirely.

halkidiki sithonia beach

Halkidiki is back in business on the Greek holiday front this year with a huge surge in visitors, especially the independent holiday travellers from Britain. Latest official figures report a massive 32% rise.

Acropolis Museum exhibits

It has been another good year for Greek museums, archaeological sites and ancient monuments with visitor numbers up by more than 20% between January and June compared to the same period last year.

parthenon marbles figures

The fight for the return of the Parthenon Marbles from Britain to Greece has taken a celebrity turn now that the newly married barrister wife of US actor George Clooney has pitched into the affray.

google drawing greece

It looks like the search engine Google wants you to take a holiday in the Greek Islands next year. The search engine giant has launched a Grow Greek Tourism Online initiative to boost visitors.

kalymnos climbing festival 2014

Holidaymakers may not normally associate the Greek Islands with mountain climbing but one island in particular, Kalymnos, attracts top climbers from all over the world and this year is no exception.

thomson airplane on runway

The Greek Islands are on track for the best year ever if the latest figures on tourist arrivals to holiday destinations across the Aegean turn out to be true as arrivals hit the 12.1 million mark up 15%

desalination plant milos

As the last tourists fly out for end-of-season Greek holidays, authorities on many Greek islands will be counting the cost of transporting millions of litres of water to the most arid islands.

google greece street view

Holidaymakers who fancy a quick tour of the top Greek and Greek Island attractions can take a 90 second virtual tour with the release of a Google street view promotional video on YouTube.

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As the cradle of western civilization Greece has probably done the most for western culture. Today's Greece is packed with museums, monuments and archaeological sites.

Greek food has never been as enjoyed as much. Supermarket shelves heave with Greek-style yoghurts and the Mediterranean diet is world famous for its health benefits.

Greek holiday visitors will quickly notice two things about the Greek lifestyle. First is the sheer friendliness and second is the relaxed attitude to timekeeping.

Travel in the Greek islands can seem a marathon, given the number of interesting islands and the fascinating sights. Most holiday visitors restrict themselves to one island.

Variety is the key to a Greek island holiday and you can take your pick of barely inhabited peaceful retreats to 24-hour beach parties but each island has its own unique attractions.

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