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Greek islands travelFour must see Ionian locations

The Ionian Islands in Greece are one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers and travellers in all of Europe. The vast array of towns and cultures, mixing the quaint with the boisterous, combined with a selection of stunning beaches and a wide range of activities to enjoy means that there is always somewhere that suits your tastes. Chocked full of incredible places to see and experience, we recommend you try to visit at least one of these incredible locations while visiting the Greek Ionian Islands. Navagio Bay, Zante The poster child for the Greek Islands, Navagio Bay, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is found in a rocky cove on the island's west coast. Impossible to reach by land, unless you skydive from atop its vibrant white cliffs, visitors can travel either via thei...

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Egremni beach Lefkas

The beautiful beach of Egremni on Lefkas appears to have been lost following an island earthquake. The beach on the south-west coast disappeared beneath the waves after a 6.1 quake was recorded on the Ionian island, a quake that cost at least two people their lives.

lalaria beach skiathos

Not satisfied with being one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece, hotel operators on Skiathos have launched heavy promotions in the UK and other European countries. Consultants are to promote holiday in Skiathos in target markets of the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

skiathos airport

Greek airports welcomed almost 15 million visitors in the first 10 months of 2015, a rise of almost 6% on last year. Latest figures from the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) showed 14.9 million foreign visitors at airports across the region in the 10 months to October.

Fourni shipwreck

Waters around the Greek Islands have long been noted for ancient underwater shipwrecks. Now scuba diving archaeologists on a Greek-American expedition have discovered a total of 22 shipwrecks near the Fourni archipelago that many experts are now rating as one of the top discoveries of 2015.

Windsurfing on Naxos

The Greek island of Naxos has been showing off it windsurfing skills in style at the biggest freestyle event in Greece. The weekend event was held on the beach at Agios Georgios at the beach hotspot known as the Laguna, close to the Naxos town capital.

deep blue yacht

As the summer sun sets on the rustic hillsides of the Greece for the last time this year, many disheartened visitors will be boarding jets and heading home, to work and to wait until the summer season returns next year.

greek stamps diving

Visitors to the Greek Islands can enjoy a new issue of postage stamps that celebrate some of the country's main tourism highlights. The Hellenic Post (ELTA) has issued two commemorative series of stamps inspired by land and sea. One set features scuba diving while the other celebrates some volcano islands

Greek hotel rooms booking scam

Cheap rates for holiday visitors to the Greek island will be a thing of the past after VAT rates are hiked up to the levels paid in the rest of Greece. From October 1st, the Greek Islands are to lose tax privileges that they have enjoyed for years, meaning higher prices for tourist visitors.

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Scuba diving

As recently as 2006 scuba diving was severely restricted in the Greek islands in a bid to prevent people from plundering the treasures that lie all over the Mediterranean sea floor. Now diving regulations have been eased and the move . . .

Waterfront at Fiskardo, Kefalonia

When you think of Kefalonia, there are three things that should come to mind: drink, dance and party. If that doesn't sound like a good time to you, then perhaps the Kefalonia nightlife will be a bit over your head . . .

Book authors love Lesvos island

Scatterlight Donkeys & Foxballs Ice Cream is a book of photos and stories from Lesvos by Julie Smit and Jan van Lent with artwork by Jeroen Koster. Dutch residents of Molyvos, Julie Smit and Jan van Lent, clearly love the Greek island of Lesvos . . .

Scuba diving in the Greek Islands

Greek island tourism leaders have launched a campaign to attract more on Greek island scuba diving holidays divers in 2012. A recent survey revealed around 250,000 divers chose Greek island waters for scuba diving holidays . . .

Symi ferry Skiadeni

Greek island visitors can enjoy a new holiday service to Symi after the launch of the ferry boat Panagia Skiadeni. The ferry service started on April 1 with regular services on most days of the week between Symi and Rhodes.

Zante Nagavio cliff diving

Taking photos of the famous is a popular activity for many holiday visitors to the island. But this video posted on Youtube shows what it must be like to jump from the near vertical cliffs to the beach below.

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