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Greek holidaymakers appear to be enjoying the beach sunshine despite the gathering storms in the Greek economy. Although holiday companies report a slight fall in Greek Islands holiday bookings for July, visitors are less worried about the economic upheavals than do most Greeks. Hotel and taverna owners on hugely popular islands like Mykonos and Santorini say tourist numbers are as high as ever with rooms packed for the start of the high season. Tourists visitors have had no trouble paying with credit cards and the Greek government allows them to use cash machines, despite local Greeks being severely restricted in cash withdrawals. Most UK visitors appear to have taken the UK government's advice to take plenty of cash to see them through. Capital controls mean Greeks can...

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Holidaymakers planning a trip to Greece or the Greek Islands this summer will naturally be worried as the prospect of Greece leaving the Eurozone and the impact it may have on their Greek Island holiday but things are not as bad as they seem.

lesvos sikiminias

The influx on refugees into Greek Islands that lie off the Turkish coast is causing authorities increasing concern Refugees from war–torn Syria and other migrants from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been arriving on boats that are barely seaworthy.

Greek fishing boat

Fancy a fishing boat holiday in Greece? The prospect has come closer thanks to a relaxation of laws to allow Greek fishermen to use their vessels for tourist trips. Under new laws, Greek fishermen can now take up to a dozen passengers on fishing trips


The popular holiday island of Santorini hopes to pave the way in making the Greek Islands a year–round holiday destination. Island authorities have agreed to promote Santorini as a winter holiday break and cash in on the increased number of flights and ferries.

sofia gaia ionian

Hollywood celebrity superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reported to be in negotiations to buy their own private Greek Island. Celebrity magazines say the couple are bidding to buy the remote island of Sofia, also called Gaia, located in the Ionian Sea

kos taverna

The Greek Island of Kos has hit back at 'ridiculous' claims in the British Daily Mail newspaper that an influx of refugees has turned the holiday island into a 'disgusting hellhole' UK holiday visitors to Kos are bemused at the 'hellhole' tag as few come across any refugees

Tourists fly in on cheap flight deals

Holidaymakers planning flights in and out of Greek Island airports this summer may find problems in booking flights at night. Many Greek island airports across the country are facing serious problems as government cash dries up, it has been reported.

ikaria jamie oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver enjoyed a taste of the Greek island of Ikaria recently to learn more about the local cuisine. Ikaria is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants which many put down to a healthy lifestyle and the island diet of fresh vegetables.

lesvos petrified forest

Visitors to the site of a petrified forest on Lesvos may soon have new exhibits to wonder at after new examples of fossilised tree trunks were unearthed. Workmen on the north Aegean island of Lesvos were constructing a new road between Kalloni and Sigri.

Hellenic Seaplanes

Hopes have faded for plans to get seaplanes flying tourist services between Greek Islands during the 2015 summer holiday season. Lack of a proper waterway network has left seaplane company Hellenic Seaplanes with plenty of aircraft but nowhere to land.

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hydra mansion houses

Hydra is only a tiny island in the Saronic Gulf but it's architecture boasts a wealth of history that belies such an diminutive place in particular its splendid 18th century mansion houses.

Beach on Mykonos Greece

Gay tourists are giving Greek Island holidays the thumbs down, according to the latest research into the Greek beach holiday tourism market. Greek island holidays on Lesbos and Mykonos beaches have been popular destinations with the gay . . .

Mastichari beach on Kos

Nestled in the South Aegean Sea is Kos, a small island that offers both peace and tranquillity with a party atmosphere at night. If you're looking at last minute holidays there can be no finer choice than Kos to escape the cold winter days . . .

The hillside vineyards of Samos

Plenty of holiday visitors to the Greek Island of Samos like to take in a tour of the island's famous vineyards. Now a clutch of Samos wines have picked up gold medals at an international wine competitions held recently in Europe . . .

greek salad feta cheese

Greece has pledged to use all legal means, including a veto, to stop the foreign 'feta' imports into the European Union so food lovers can look forward to genuine 'feta' cheese when in Greece.

andros dovecote

Intricately designed dovecotes are dotted in fields and villages all over Andros. Many of the Andros dovecotes are extremely large; some are nearly as big as the house of their owners.

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