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Greek islands travelLeros welcomes the Hoppet

Leros island holidaymakers have been dancing in the street since the arrival of the Hoppet sailing ship. They were joined by local people and Syrian refugees on the harbour at the main port of Lakki for a display of traditional Greek dance. The Hoppet is a wooden-hulled sailboat that is sailing the Greek islands as part of a three-year artist project called 'Meeting the Odyssey'. The 22-metre sailing ship has two masts, eight sails and ten cabins that sleep up to 20 people. On board are actors and entertainers from all over Europe, who stage social and artistic events as they sail to various islands. It is all part of a social and artistic programme that launched in the Baltic Sea in 2014 and arrived in Leros this month where the theatrical crew has been organising workshops a...

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Agios Athanasios island for sale

Behind the recent sell-off of Greek airports are plans to dispose of up to 500 Greek Islands as part of plans to sell more than 70,000 state-owned properties to boost state coffers.

Healthy eating at Ikaria taverna

Greek island holidays look set to get more expensive this year, on some of the islands anyway. The Greek government has scrapped a VAT rate discount on several Greek holiday islands.

landing at corfu airport

The sell-off of many of the Greek Islands airports used by UK holidaymakers has been given the green light. The Greek government has ratified contracts with a German-Greek consortium.

Kokkari beach on Samons

Four fabulous Greek Island beaches have made it into the top dozen beaches list for Europe, according to the website European Best Destinations. The website runs up a list of top European holiday beaches every year.

Bikini Beach by Marinos E- Tsagkarakis

Tourism promotions of Greek Island holidays will naturally feature the most beautiful sights. Pristine seas and golden beaches are the mainstays of holiday posters and videos

landing at corfu airport

It's another record year for Greek Island holidays as official figures confirm expectations of more visitors than ever in 2015 with arrivals in Greece up 7.1%.

Olympic airplane prop air

The cash-strapped Greek government looks set to axe subsidies for loss-making airline routes to several Greek Islands. The popular holiday island of Zante may be among those to lose out.

platanias beach crete

Holiday companies are reporting another surge in bookings for Greek Island holidays this year. Some companies report a 5% rise in summer vacation bookings to Greece.

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boutari wine barrels

The wine of Greece has not enjoyed the best of reputations. That is fast changing as Greek wines enjoy something of a renaissance, with the Boutari winemakers of Santorini leading the way.

Greek favourite - beef stifado

Stifado is a traditional Greek dish served up by virtually every Greek Island taverna. Stifado is a meaty stew made with shallot onions and should be pronounced stifatho rather than stifado with emphasis on the 'fa'. The meat is usually beef . . .

Waterfront at Fiskardo, Kefalonia

When you think of Kefalonia, there are three things that should come to mind: drink, dance and party. If that doesn't sound like a good time to you, then perhaps the Kefalonia nightlife will be a bit over your head . . .

Preparing to dive at Camp Phoenix

Living with a disability is not easy and a Greek island diving holiday may not be the first place to look for help with coping. But a scuba diving company on the Greek island of Ios hopes to change all that. On Ios there is now a beach-front diving school . . .

Harbour at Symi Greece

Evidence of volcanic activity near the Greek island of Symi has raised questions of who would 'own' any new volcano that might emerge from the sea — Greece or Turkey. Seismologists report considerable volcanic activity in the sea

Minnewaska III

is a popular holiday adventure and there are a growing number of diving centres on this large Greek island. Now the Divers' Club of Crete claims to have discovered the underwater wreck of the former cruise ship Minnewaska III in the waters of Souda Bay.

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