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Greek islands travelSeaplane hopes sink even deeper

Ambitious plans to launch seaplane services in the Greek Islands look ready to be sunk, for the 2016 holiday season at least. Hellenic Seaplanes has been trying to get a seaplane network out of deep water since 2013 but has yet to get a flight in the air. The latest setback is a Greek government plan for new laws to place private waterway projects under the control of the state. The move looks likely to put a damper on private investment in the long-awaited project and could lead to companies and private investors pulling their cash out of existing schemes. According to sources, a bill is expected to go before the Greek parliament which will seek to cancel all current private initiatives and to place projects into public-private partnerships. Permits for waterway landing and take-off ...

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spanakopita cheese pie

Greek food is enjoying a bit of a comeback at the moment with several Greek cookbooks on the market while holiday visitors to the Greek islands increasingly opt for traditional dishes.

Kos refugees

Some Greek Islands are still suffering a drop in tourism despite no evidence of any refugee contact with tourists. Islands lying in the north Aegean and along the Turkish coast have suffered worst.

Skopelos taverna

Abolishing tax relief on the Greek islands appears to have backfired with VAT revenues from tourism dropping by 40% in just five months, according to some reports.

zante nagavio shipwreck

Greek islands holiday visitors can expect to pay more for their holidays following the dramatic vote to leave the EU. Greek tourism officials warn of 'unforeseeable consequences'.

The Hoppet Sailing Ship

Leros island holidaymakers have been dancing in the street since the arrival of the Hoppet sailing ship. They were joined by local people and Syrian refugees for a display of traditional Greek dance.

Agios Athanasios island for sale

Behind the recent sell-off of Greek airports are plans to dispose of up to 500 Greek Islands as part of plans to sell more than 70,000 state-owned properties to boost state coffers.

Healthy eating at Ikaria taverna

Greek island holidays look set to get more expensive this year, on some of the islands anyway. The Greek government has scrapped a VAT rate discount on several Greek holiday islands.

landing at corfu airport

The sell-off of many of the Greek Islands airports used by UK holidaymakers has been given the green light. The Greek government has ratified contracts with a German-Greek consortium.

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Grilled sardines at festival

Holiday visitors to Crete island will find sardines on the menu when the 17th Sardine Festival gets under way in Chania this week Grilled sardines are served up for free on the beach of Nea Chora on Monday, September 5 along with Cretan wine . . .

Scuba diving

As recently as 2006 scuba diving was severely restricted in the Greek islands in a bid to prevent people from plundering the treasures that lie all over the Mediterranean sea floor.

Stavros beach at Akrotiri, Crete

Visitors to the Crete island holiday resort of Stavros on the Akrotiri peninsula soon learn of its strong links with the hit Greek movie of 'Zorba the Greek'. Much of the movie was filmed on Akrotiri, Crete, both on the holiday beaches . . .

Greek souvenirs

According to shop traders it's not only 'I Love Greece' T-shirts and Hellenic key chains that end up in the suitcases when tourists fly home from thier Greek Island holiday.

Wind farm in Greece

The Greek island of Leros look set to give the go-ahead to a massive wind farm project. Wind farm company Cycladic Meltemi wants to erect turbines on uninhabited islets offshore of the Greek island of Leros in the Dodecanese.

Greece Turkey flags

Traditional enemies and tourism rivals Greece and Turkey look set to be getting their act together to boost holiday visitors and attract more Turkish visitors to Greece and the Greek Islands.

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