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Greek holidays are on the rise despite the country's economic turmoil, the refugee crisis and increased tax rates on tourist goods and services. Latest figures show an 8% rise in tourist spending in the first six months of 2015 and yet another rise in visitor numbers as more tourists then ever book holidays in Greece and the Greek Islands. According to data released by the Bank of Greece this week, a total of 7.56 million visitors arrived on Greek holidays in the six months to June, up 20.8% on the visitor numbers for the same period last year. Holiday arrivals from the UK are up 18% on last year as tourists shrugged off negative newspaper articles on the struggling economy and the problems of tackling huge numbers of refugees from war–torn regions of the Middle East. Tourists fro...

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HATTA poster

Greek holidays are not just sea, sand and sun it appears. More holiday visitors than ever are flocking to museums and historic sites across Greece and the Greek Islands. Latest figures show more visitors than ever taking a tour of historical sites such as the Acropolis.

cape sounio full moon

Another Greek August, another Greek full moon and scores of archaeological sites, museums and other tourist attractions will stay open late. Visitors to Greece and the Greek islands can witness historic sites in the light of a full August moon

welcome to greece wall poster

Holiday arrivals on the Greek Islands will be greeted with giant 'Welcome to Greece' posters in a campaign to boost the country's image overseas. The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) has wall–size posters at airports and seaports.

Kos refugees

Greece has come in for strong criticism of 'shameful' conditions for refugees landing in the Greek Islands after fleeing war zones in the Middle East. Holiday visitors to the islands of Kos, Lesvos and Chios are unlikely to come across refugees first hand.

mykonos beach party paradise

Greek holiday beach parties are famous all over the world but their days may be numbered. According to Greek reports, the government's Finance Ministry has informed local authorities in the Greek islands that noisy, all–night beach parties are now illegal.

Greek Island Beach

Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands have been warned to stay cool this week as temperatures soar all over the Aegean. Even locals have been told to stay out of the sun as weather experts report thermometers rising above the 40°C mark on the mainland with no sign of an end to the heatwave.

Alykes holiday beach on Zante

Greek holidays are booming in the wake of the latest bailout agreement with a surge in late bookings for the school summer holiday break. the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) report a large rise in late bookings to Greece

ouzo festival poster lesvos

Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands of Lesvos have been enjoying the taste of ouzo in what has been dubbed the 'ouzo capital of Greece.' The Lesvos Ouzo Fest 2015 has made its last stop in the south coast resort town of Plomari.

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Greek oregano plant

Selling wild herbs, hand gathered from forests and hills, is something of a cottage industry on many of . But new laws aimed at protecting wild plants could now make it illegal for locals to gather herbs to sell to holiday tourists.

Discover Vamos on Foot

As a regular rambler I always look forward to taking a well–earned a holiday in the Greek Islands when I can roam the hills and take myself off on some of the splendid walking trails. Of all the Greek islands Crete is my favourite for walking . . .

Kassiopi beach

Holiday visitors to the Kassiopi beach resort on Corfu may find access to the sands blocked by US developers. The cash–strapped Greek government is believed to have sold off a prime stretch of beach to a New York–based company for €23 million.

Corfu Magloudes torpedo

There are many hidden Corfu holiday attractions for summer visitors to the island but few more curious than the ad–hoc monuments to the Second World War. Relics of the war can be found in some unusual places.

kos castle

Kos Town plans to do much more promote its historic centre and create an 'Open Archaeological and Historical Park' to attract more visitors. Kos town is already famous for its heritage sites.


The popular holiday island of Santorini hopes to pave the way in making the Greek Islands a year–round holiday destination. Island authorities have agreed to promote Santorini as a winter holiday break and cash in on the increased number of flights and ferries.

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