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Scuba diving campaign

Campaign to boost Greek island scuba diving holidays

Greek island tourism leaders have launched a campaign to attract more on Greek island scuba diving holidays divers in 2012. A recent survey revealed around 250,000 divers chose Greek island waters for scuba diving holidays up to the end of October last year.

Scuba diving in the Greek Islands

Almost 95% of 7,500 visiting divers who responded to a questionnaire ranked the Greek Islands among their favourite scuba diving destinations in the world.

Now Greek minister George Tzanakis wants tourism leaders to cash in on the soaring interest in Greek island diving holidays.

He urges them to take full advantage of the relaxation in laws governing recreational diving in Greece. Now island administrations across Greece have launched a campaign to attract diving tourists

The Greek Islands to the table for scuba diving holidays for three main reasons:

  • The wealth of good diving sites. There are more than 20,000 shipwrecks on the Greek seabed, of which 6,000 have been formally recognised as sites of interest for scuba divers
  • The cheap costs of diving in Greece. Tourism leaders claim it coats about one-third of other diving destinations such as Malta, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Cyprus.
  • The friendly, family atmosphere of many Greek diving holidays. Not only are many Greek Island diving clubs family owned, the families of visitor divers have plenty to enjoy on a Greek island holidays while the divers go off on expeditions for the day.

Greece, says Mr Tzanakis, has an impressive 16,500 kilometres of coastline suitable for diving, while the main destinations of visiting divers being the islands of Kos, Corfu, Zante and Crete.

Relaxation of diving limits in the pristine Northern Sporades waters, with 14 new designated diving spots, had created a new momentum in the Greek market for diving tourism.

Diving tourists could attract even more visitors on Greek island holidays this year. According to figures from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), more than 20 million diving certificates have been issued across the world.

Recent figures show 3.5 million certified divers are from Europe and of them around 800,000 travel abroad each year. It is readily apparent that "Greece has immense prospects of potentially becoming their top destination," said Mr Tzanakis.

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