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Aegina is a Greek island in the Argo Saronic bay that lies off the Greek mainland close to the capital of Athens. Aegina is a popular weekend retreat for many Greeks in the summer. Aegina is roughly triangular with fertile plains to the north mainly given over to pistachios, almonds and figs. Though not known for its beaches, Aegina has a colourful main port, some very well preserved ruins and many interesting sights. Aegina is also ideal as an island base to explore Athens and mainland Greece.

aegina fistiki pistachio fesival

The 7th Aegina Fystiki Fest run from September 24-27 with an array of events and exhibitions to celebrate the famed Aegina pistachio or fystiki Aeginis.

aegina temple aphaia

Yhe remarkable Temple of Aphaea, often spelt Aphaia which dominates a pine covered hill near the island beach resort of Aghia Marina is one of the best preserved temples in Greece

aegina beach volleyball

Players will be taking part in a beach volleyball tournament between Christmas and New Year to compete in the Aegina Xmas Cup Beach Volley contest which is open to all athletes.

Aegina Agia Marina beach

Aegina is a hugely popular holiday island base for visitors who plan a trip to Athens but it has never picked up a Blue Flag awards for its beaches. This year is different after the Agia Marina beach lifted a Blue Flag accolade — making it a first for .

Colourful harbour at Aegina

Although many Greek islands are suffering as the number of overseas visitors continues to fall, the island of Aegina has been hit by even more pain. Hotel owners on the island of Aegina have been even harder hit by the collapse in domestic tourism . . .

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