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The Greek island of Crete, or Kriti, is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean with most of its people living on the north coast. Magnificent mountain ranges form the backbone of this very popular holiday island. Most of eastern Crete is dominated by cheap holiday package complexes while western Crete has a wilder coastline, fewer crowds, and more sedate beach resorts. The mountains split north and south too, with the south much quieter and with fewer holidays resorts.

Melina Mercouri
Crete tribute to Melina Mercouri

A theatre on the Greek holiday island of Crete is to pay tribute to the Greek actress Melina Mercouri with a photo exhibition. Visitors on holiday in Crete can visit the free exhibition staged at the Municipal Theatre of Crete in Hania . . .

Crete tree bears five fruit
Crete tree

An amateur Crete gardener claims to have a tree that can grow five kinds of fruit on the same plant. Civil engineer Manolis Iliakis says the tree produces tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, wild amaranth as well as potatoes in his garden near Rethymnon, Crete . . .

Falasarna Crete
Crete couple

Holidaymakers out walking in Crete have been warned to take proper precautions against getting lost on remote island paths. The call comes after two missing tourists were found safe and well in a remote area of Crete after police were called . . .

Malia beach on Crete
Crete arrests

Four British tourists have been arrested in Crete for passing fake €50 notes, while two more men have been charged with indecent exposure. Four men, all aged about 21, were found using counterfeit notes while on holiday . . .

Crete museum at Askifou
War museum

Visitors to western Crete often head into the mountains that form a majestic backdrop to resorts along coasts, both north and south where Askinou has a private war museum.

Akrotiri peninsula Crete
Crete holiday complex plans

Talks are under way to build a massive €500m tourist holiday complex to attract more tourists to the Akrotiri peninsula in western Crete. A consortium want to develop around 500 acres of land on the Akrotiri peninsula, near Chania . . ..

Balos beach on Crete
Visitors pay on Crete beach

Holiday visitors to one of Crete's most spectacular beaches are to be asked to pay to see it. Officials have imposed a one euro entry fee for those who want to reach the lagoon of Balos.

Preveli palms after the blaze
Preveli palms comeback

Fears for the future of the famous palm forest of Preveli, destroyed by fire in 2010, are greatly exaggerated according to a top Greek countryside expert.

Large Blue Alkanet
Crete flowers

It may already be May but this year's new Flowers of Crete calendar still makes a fine addition to my collection of Greek Island treasures. This year's 2011 calendar is called 'Favourite Flowers of Crete' and a quick glance inside will tell you why . . .

Warhol's Marylin Monroe series
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe may not have had much to do with the holiday island of Crete but she takes centre stage at an art exhibition that runs throughout the summer season. 'Marilyn in the Arts' exhibition consists of more than 150 art works . . .

Discover Vamos on Foot
Rambling in Crete

As a regular rambler I always look forward to taking a well-earned a holiday in the Greek Islands)when I can roam the hills and take myself off on some of the splendid walking trails.

Platanos taverna in Anapoli Cretw
Crete village culture

Just added a section on the Crete hamlet of Anopoli on my Crete beaches) page of Greek Island Holidays. The village is located in Sfakia is in the south-west of Crete.

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