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The Greek island of Crete, or Kriti, is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean with most of its people living on the north coast. Magnificent mountain ranges form the backbone of this very popular holiday island. Most of eastern Crete is dominated by cheap holiday package complexes while western Crete has a wilder coastline, fewer crowds, and more sedate beach resorts. The mountains split north and south too, with the south much quieter and with fewer holidays resorts.

Olive tree of Vouves Crete
Cretan olive tree 3,000 year old

Plenty of Greek villages lay claim to ancient olive trees, some dating back thousands of years. But the village of Ano Vouves in West Crete claim to the oldest olive tree in the world.

crete crocodile
Crete croc gets Christmas treat

Crete's notorious crocodile looks likely to be tucking into a Christmas dinner treat this year thanks to some local fans. Local villagers are determined to serve up a Christmas piglet..

crete video promo screenshot
Crete launches holiday video

Crete is not only one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece, it also comes tops for its regular video promotions and tourism campaigns and the latest video campaign is no exception.

crete crocodile sifis
Crete croc evades capture

Tourist souvenir shops in Rethymnon, Crete are stocking up on toy crocodiles after a real croc was spotted in a local lake. All efforts to trap the elusive crocodile have failed.

platanias beach crete
Greek wasps warning

Soccer loving holidaymakers in Crete were warned to stay away from a local soccer league game in Platanias after the local club admitted the stadium was under siege by wasps.

Toxic chemicals Crete protest
Crete protest at toxic dumping

Plans to dump chemical weapons stockpiled by Syria in the seas off southern Crete have triggered alarm and protest. Neuro-toxic agents will be dumped in international waters near Gavdos

crete whale stranding
Whales die on Crete beaches

Holiday visitors on the island of Crete report concern at the large number of dead and stranded whales being found on beaches along the popular south east coast of the island.

Elafonisi beach Crete
Elafonisi lifts beach award

he astonishing white sands at Elafonisi, one of the most attractive beaches in Western Crete has been ranked in the world's top twenty most beautiful beaches by a leading travel website.

crete rethymnon carnival
Carnival time on Crete

The Crete resort city of Rethymnon kicks off the holiday season this year with its 100th street carnival over the three weeks leading up to Lent with colourful parades and street parties.

Chania video
Crete video nets award

Holiday travel videos promoting the delights of a holiday in Chania in Crete are picking up a clutch of prestigious awards. The tourist video promo was inspired by the classic film Zorba the Greek

Samaria Gorge Crete
Samaria Gorge

Summer walkers just can't seem to get enough of the spectacular Samaria Gorge in south-west Crete The number walking the 16 kilometre Samaria Gorge jumped 25% in August

World Tourism Day
Crete tourism

Those making a late season holiday booking to Crete can cash in on free events to celebrate World Tourism Day. A host of free events, from museum visits to concerts are planned for the end of September.

Chania airport Crete
Chania airport

Holiday visitors flying into west Crete's airport at Chania face late season disruption as work starts on a multi million euro upgrade. Work started in July on a major upgrade to facilities at Chania and is expected to last until December 2015.

Crete's top hideaway

BBC travel writers have voted the remote west Crete beach of Elafonisi as one of the top five 'undiscovered' beaches of Europe. Travel editors included the Crete beach in its list of the most beautiful 'secret hideaways'.

Cretan Diet Festival 2013
Crete festival

Regular holiday visitors to Crete will know of the RethymnonWine Festival which has been a big tourist draw for years. This July however it goes under a new name of the Rethymnon Cretan Diet Festival.

Minnewaska III
Crete scuba divers

Scuba diving in Crete is a popular holiday adventure and there are a growing number of diving centres on this large Greek island. Now the Divers' Club of Crete claims to have discovered the underwater wreck of the former cruise ship Minnewaska III in the waters of Souda Bay.

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