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Cretan diet on show in Chania

- by Archimedes

Cretan diet on show in Chania.

The Cretan diet has long been recognised for its healthy properties and very best of Crete food products have been on show in Chania this August. Visitors on a Crete island holiday have had a chance to visit the Agricultural August 2012 promotion held at Chania's Western Moat.

The focus of this year's event, the 14th exhibition of its kind, is on the wide variety of unique food produced in Crete's mountain villages.

Two of the culinary specialities to get top billing are Chania's own 'pichtogala' and Crete's very popular 'graviera' cheese.

The exhibition of Cretan foodstuffs, which includes many varieties of the island's exceptional olive oil, will travel to Athens and Thessaloniki later in the year.

The exhibition, in true Greek tradition, also includes cultural events as well as music and dance in the evenings.

Exhibition organisers have also been handing out mouth-watering editions of the new Cretan Food Journal 2013.

Several studies have been carried out to test the effect of Cretan diet on human health and the island cuisine island had attracted the attention of food scientists from as early as 1948.

The health benefits of the Cretan cuisine are thought to be due to the daily use of olive oil and the use of low saturated fat. It is also thought to be high in vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and in vegetable fibre as well as rich in antioxidants and various phytochemicals.