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Crete holidayfine art course

- by Archimedes

Crete holidayfine art course.

Many visitors on Crete holidays will all too aware of the island of Crete's natural beauty and prolific richness of its flowers and plants. Now visitors have a chance to combine a Crete holiday with an art course that marries photography with computer scanning to create extraordinary works of art.

The Crete holiday course is held in April and those taking part can learn how to use a normal domestic computer scanner to practise this fine art printing technique.

The art course is based at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, near the traditional hill village of Kolympari. It has modern residential conference buildings and a newly created Botanic Gardens and Museum of Cretan Flora.

The week-long art course on Crete includes:

-Exploring and collecting material for scanner-printmaking from Crete coastal plants.
-Guided excursions to wild flower and orchid meadows of Crete.
-Botanical lectures by botanical expert Prof Jacques Zaffran and Julia Jones FLS,president of the charity 'Flowers of Crete'
-A scanner-photography lecture by UK artist Jan O'Highway.
-An exhibition of student work followed by a gala dinner with Cretan music and dancing.

A flatbed scanner can record exquisite detail of flowers and images have a strong dramatic character.

Students can expect to make at least 20 digital art scans and create 10 to 20 fine art prints to take home from their Crete holiday.

All equipment and materials for the Crete art course are provided but if you have your own laptop it would be a good idea to bring it along.

The Crete holiday workshops run from April 17 and everything is paid for, including meals and accommodation, except the flight to Crete.

If you want to know more about the Crete holiday art course then visit the Flowers of Crete website or email Julia at julia@flowersofcrete.info