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Crete holiday couple found

- by Archimedes

Crete holiday couple found.

Holidaymakers out walking in Crete have been warned to take proper precautions against getting lost on remote island paths. The call comes after two missing tourists were found safe and well in a remote area of Crete after police were called over fears for their safety.

Two French tourists, a 55-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman, were walking in the remote area west of Chania, near the beaches of Falasarna and Balos in western Crete when they went missing.

Their friends got worried when the couple failed to return from their walk and called the police. Firefighters and Red Cross rescue teams combed the hilly area earlier this week.

Search teams were told by a local farmer that he had seen them the previous night following a route that took them away from Balos beach where they apparently had been headed.

After an extensive search the two tourists were found safe and well the following day near Balos beach, Chania. The tourists said did not have their mobile phones and so were unable to call their friends.

The Citizen's Protection chief for the Chania region, Mr. Kouroupakis, said 11 cases were reported to police of people missing while out walking in the area last month. He appealed to tourists to take proper precautions when walking remote areas.