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Crete holiday flowers on show

- by Archimedes

Crete holiday flowers on show.

It may already be May but this year's new Flowers of Crete calendar still makes a fine addition to my collection of Greek Island treasures. This year's 2011 calendar is called 'Favourite Flowers of Crete' and a quick glance inside will tell you why. The calendar,as ever, showcases some of the most beautiful special to be found on on the holiday island of Crete with many splendid photographs.

The cover features the sea daffodil Pancratium maritimum and there are many more inside. This is the calendar's third year and it often features on Christmas gift lists but the terrific photos make it more than just a calendar and well worth buying at any time of year.

It costs €10 to buy on Crete but can be ordered in the UK at £8.75 + post and packaging with an email tomtthwjones4@aol.comand UK payment is by cheque or bank transfer.
Sale proceeds this year go to The Flowers of Crete group to offset administrative and legal costs of running a not-for-profit organisation.

The group fights for the conservation and protection of endangered native flowers on Crete. They will also sell you a quality Flowers of Crete t-shirt – contact julia@flowersofcrete.info

The group also hosts walking tours, hikes and outings, to see the various species of flowers that grow on the Greek island of Crete. Their time of year is the orchid season, from late January to early June and you can see their website on www.flowersofcrete.info where you can sign up for their newsletter.