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Crete island holidays get tremors

- by Dabs Banner

Crete island holidays get tremors.

People on holiday in Crete have been a little shaken up over the past few days. Tremors have been reported across the holiday island after a large offshore quake was reported in mid June. Holidaymakers have felt daily aftershocks after a magnitude 5.9 quake struck underwater south of Crete on June 15.

No damage or injury was caused by the quake but internet connection and electronic devices were disrupted.

The Athens Geodynamics Institute reported the earthquake centre some 50 kilometres off the south coast of Crete at a depth of 26 kilometres.

A day later a magnitude 5.6 event struck a little south of the first earthquake spot and closer to the surface at about 10 kilometres deep.

Again, no damage or casualties were reported but since then more than 35 aftershocks have been felt across the south of Crete including a including a 3.4 magnitude event .

Concern is growing about the ongoing seismic activity on the island of Crete but experts say there is no cause for holidaymakers in Crete to worry.

Manolis Skordilis, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki said: "This is a very seismically active area that has seen more powerful quakes in the past. We are monitoring the post-earthquake activity, which so far is not intense."

Greece and the Greek Islands is in one of the most earthquake prone regions of the planet with thousands of earthquakes reports each year rarely there is rarely any major damage or injuries as a result.