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Crete heritage bid for Knossos

- by Archimedes

Crete heritage bid for Knossos.

The Greek island of Crete is pressing for one of its most important archaeological sites to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Holiday visitors to Crete flock in their thousands to see the unique Crete archaeological site on Knossos, though to have been the centre of the Minoan civilisation.

Experts on Crete are putting together a bid to give the famous site World Heritage status alone with other important historic Crete island monuments at Phaistos, Zakros and Malia.

Construction problems around the area of the Minoan palace have prevented the site being included in the past but authorities are confident they have been overcome and hope they will get heritage status not only for the main palace, but also on all the monuments of the Minoan civilization that are contained within the complex.

The archaeological site of Knossos and that of neighbouring Messara have been unified by the creation of a Cretan archaeological sites network and it is though this will be crucial in promoting the UNESCO bid.

This was formalised at a meeting between Crete local governors who signed up to two major contracts on combining the broader archaeological sites of Knossos and Messara.

One contract will promote the unification of archaeological sites at Knossos, Karteros, Archanes while the other refers to the unification of sites at Messara which include Phaistos, Gortyna, Agia Triada and Kommos.