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Crete village a step back in time

- by Archimedes

Just added a section on the Crete hamlet of Anopoli on my Crete beaches page of Greek Island Holidays. The village is located in Sfakia is in the south-west of Crete and it's here you can find the last remnants of the old Cretan culture and nature.

Anopoli offers the visitor nearby unspoilt beaches, ancient ruins and mountain hiking trails. Despite being off the tourist trail it has its own website and villagers are keen to promote the region to visitors.

Anopoli has only about eight houses and 350 or so inhabitants living on farms in the surrounding fertile plateau that lies at the foot of the White Mountains.

Anopoli was once much larger and, because of its isolation, managed to remain free of Turkish influence, thus preserving Cretan traditions and way of life.

Today, Anopoli and the region still remains one of the most traditional parts of Crete. Locals survive on agriculture and animal farming and the local produce is natural and organic.

Visitors are welcome to taste the traditional cooking of Eva in the village taverna. Fresh fish, meat and home grown vegetables are served in the Platanos taverna in the village square.

Water is from local from wells deep into the mountains. You can get honey, tsikoudia and local herbs directly from the producers at low prices.

The only road leading to Anopolis is the 12 km road from Hora Sfakion, recently reconstructed. A bus leaves Hora Sfakion at 4pm and returns at 6.30am next day. You can also get a taxi from Hora Sfakion which takes about 10 minutes. Book a night's stay at the Platanos Taverna +30 28250 91169 or email kopasis@anopoli-sfakia.com