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Crete celebrates Tourism Day

- by Archimedes

Crete celebrates Tourism Day.

Those making a late season holiday booking to Crete can cash in on a series of free events to celebrate World Tourism Day. A host of free events, from museum visits to concert performances, are planned for the end of September. It includes free entrance to archaeological sites such as the world famous Knossos site, though to be Europe's oldest city state dating back to 7,000BC.

Other events in three days of celebrations starting September 27 include free exhibitions and concerts right across the island of Crete.

Most big events will take place in the capital Heraklion with a host of events including exhibitions, concerts and food tasting of to showcase the healthy advantages of the Cretan diet.

The focal point for many events will be Heraklion city squares at Museum Square, Agios Titos, Kallergon, Eleftherias and Agia Ekaterini.

Highlight of the celebrations will be the free open days on September 29 at ancient sites such as Knossos, Phaestos, Malia, Tylissos and the Heraklion Greek Archaeological museum.

World Tourism Day is organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and has been an annual event since 1980. The theme this year is on Tourism and Water

The principle of World Tourism Day is to demonstrate that tourism is essential to the worldwide population and to display how it concerns the cultural, social, economic and political values worldwide.