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Crete tree bears five fruits

- by Archimedes

Crete tree bears five fruits.

An amateur Crete gardener claims to have a tree that can grow five kinds of fruit on the same plant. Civil engineer Manolis Iliakis says the tree produces tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, wild amaranth as well as potatoes in his garden near Rethymnon, Crete. He said the tree was not a mutation or a freak of nature as he has spent years cultivating the plant.

The remarkable result of his horticultural efforts is the result of grafting compatible varieties together to produce different fruits.

He claims he set himself the task after agriculturists claimed the feat was impossible. He said compatible families have been grafted onto the same tree just as gardeners graft pear trees and olive trees.

Mr Iliakis claims he has already created a fig tree that grows several different varieties of fig and that this was just the next natural step.

Rethymnon is the capital of the Crete prefecture of the same name and is found on the north coast between the two other large cities of Crete at Iraklion, about 80 km to the east and Hania about 60 km west.

Rethymon is a very popular holiday resort and has one of the largest sand beaches in Crete and, to the west, a rocky coastline that ends up to another large sand beach that runs all the way to the tourist resort of Georgiopolis.