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Crete launches new holiday videos

- by Dabs Banner

Crete is not only one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece, it also comes tops for its regular video promotions and tourism campaigns.

The latest video campaign is launched under the motto 'Crete – the island inside you' and features six short videos highlighting the attractions of Crete as an international holiday destination.

Unlike the recent widely ridiculed and cliche-ridden video from the Greek Tourism Organisation, the Crete campaign is being praised as an example of how the Greek islands should be promoted on the Internet.

The short video narratives, a collaboration between advertising agency McCann Athens and production company Indigoview are based on the idea of "daydreaming" after survey data found that 40% of tourists visit the island of Crete more than once.

"We are happy with the outcome of the promotional campaign and hope it will attract thousands of new visitors to the island all year round," said McCann Athens CEO Harris Parianos.

Crete tourism videos pick up top awards

The video campaign also features in the 'Incredible Crete Campaign. launched on the popular image site Pinterest which has images and links to all things Crete

This is not the first time that videos promoting Crete have come in for high praise. Crete's successful 2013 tourism campaign 'Incredible Crete: Surprisingly yours!' picked up a trio of awards at international festivals.

The video was honoured at the International Zagreb Tour Film Festival, in Croatia, with an award for the video 'Crete: Incredible Hospitality' and it also won a special award in the best screenplay category for the video 'Crete: All the world on one island.'

And at the Baku International Tourism Film Festival in Azerbaijan, the video 'Crete: All the world on one island' also notched up a Golden Award in the 'Country, Region, City' category.

The Region of Crete videos prompted congratulations for filmmaker Thodoris Papadoulakis for showing how "with methodical work and above all, love for our country, Crete can be a leader and pioneer in Greece and abroad."

It's a far cry from the reception received for the video promotion from newly formed National Tourist Organization (EOT) released earlier this month to promote the country as a holiday destination and attract millions more foreign tourists.

The original video was hurriedly withdrawn when journalists pointed out scenes had been included from the Nazi's Olympic Games of 1936.

A revised version came come under more fire for the 'hackneyed, boring and corny' inclusion of mythical Greek gods over cliche footage of ancient historic sites such as the Parthenon and Delos.

Greek video tainted by plagiarism claims

The promotion sparked even more criticism over claims of plagiarism when two photographers protested that their images had been used without permission.

Further confusion came when it was pointed out that one image was not even of Greece at all but a famous Australian landmark. Greek tourism officials retorted that the star constellations in the sky above the Australian seascape had Greek names and so warranted its inclusion.

"Oh, no. Not more Greek gods!" has been a typical response to what has been dubbed a boring holiday promotion video released in a fanfare of publicity at the World Travel Show in London.

According to Greek tourism minister, Olga Kefalogianni, the ministry's "new communication strategy is based on the Greek gods and ancient heroes that we have all read about since our childhood and have all known since our school years"