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Crete resort swept by wildfires

- by Archimedes

Crete resort swept by wildfires.

Wildfires have been extinguished in West Crete but only after high winds fanned flames and threatened the popular Crete holiday resort of Plakias. The first fire broke out on the Mesara Plain in southwest Crete near the beach of Kokkinos Pyrgos. The flames spread from a greenhouse at Makrimaliana fanned by Force 6 winds.

The fire spread to other greenhouses and firefighters took all day to being the fire under control but not before a total of ten greenhouses were destroyed.

A fire broke out in the afternoon near the holiday resort of Plakias on the south coast of Crete and it burned through about five acres of grassland before being brought under control.

No Crete holiday visitors were affected by the blaze in an area that is very popular with British holidaymakers.

A firefighter was injured in another outbreak near the village of Mesolagaki, near Pyrgos, when brushwood was set alight behind some old, abandoned buildings.

Water dousing planes were used to contain the fire which threatened the monastery at Fragkopidima.

Wildfires become increasingly common on the Greek Islands over the summer as tinder dry undergrowth becomes increasingly susceptible.