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As the cradle of western civilization Greece has probably done the most for western culture. Today's Greece is packed with museums, monuments and archaeological sites. With so much history it is no wonder that Greek museums are among the best in the world. Most islands have annual festivals where they stage parades, concerts, plays and pageants that almost always include dance displays, feasting and drinking.

Psarou Beach Mykonos

Tax and labour squads have stepped up inspections across the Greek islands this year after more than half Greek tourism businesses are found to be flouting the law.

Agios Ioannis chapel Skopelos

Much of the movie Mamma Mia was filmed on the Greek islands of Skopelos and Skiathosbut the sequel may be heading for Croatia.

The caldera of Santorini Greece

A deal between holiday companies should make it quicker and easier to arrange a Greek wedding and help couples negotiate their way through the relatively tricky procedures.

Kassiopi harbour Corfu

A deal to develop a massive hotel complex on Corfu looks likely following the sell-off of a huge plot of public land to private developers for &euro23 million.

Kos refugees

Some Greek Islands are still suffering a drop in tourism despite no evidence of any refugee contact with tourists. Islands lying in the north Aegean and along the Turkish coast have suffered worst.

The Hoppet Sailing Ship

The Hoppet is a wooden-hulled sailboat that is sailing the Greek islands as part of a three-year artist project called 'Meeting the Odyssey' and it sailed into the Geek island of Leros recently.

greece rental car hire

Greek car rental outfits have been legally obliged to renew any vehicle more than nine years old. An update to the regulations means that car rental firms can hang on to hire cars for 12 years.

The Greek government has dismissed the high-profile legal team headed by Amal Alamuddin, wife of US film star George Clooney, over the return of the Parthenon marbles.

Fourni shipwreck

Scuba diving archaeologists have discovered a total of 22 shipwrecks near the Fourni archipelago that many experts are now rating as one of the top discoveries of 2015.

HATTA poster

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens notched up 27,510 visitors in June this year compared to 22,991 in June last year while the Acropolis Museum welcomes 156,722 visitors in June compared to 137,411 last year.

cape sounio full moon

Visitors to Greece and the Greek islands can witness historic sites while bathed in the light of a full August moon in an event that has become a major date in the Geek tourism calendar. This year's moonlight event is on August 29th.

mykonos beach party paradise

Loud music, beach parties and other all-night revelries are banned from Greece's beaches and public places and local police told to stop any events from being organised. The news will come as a blow to many of the more popular Greek island holiday destinations.

Greek hotel rooms booking scam

Greek tax officials and tourism organisations are concerned that some owners have not registered their rooms and escape paying VAT on holiday accommodation. Experts claim that around 40% of the holiday accommodation on offer across the Greek islands is through casual room lets.

parthenon elgin marbles statues

In a letter to UNESCO officials the director of the British Museum has said the museum's the trustees had 'decided respectfully to decline this request' to mediate in talks over the possible return of the Parthenon Marbles to the Acropolis in Athens.

corfu easter candles

Easter celebrations form a big part of Greek Island culture and nowhere are traditional customs kept more alive than on the islands where it is a time to not only celebrate the Christian religion but also to welcome the spring.

Greek museum acropolis athens

A total of 46 major museums and sites will stay open 12 hours daily from April 1st this year to meet the growing demand from tourist visitors.

parthenon marbles protest

Greeks gathered outside the Acropolis Museum for a candlelight vigil in the continuing campaign to have the historic sculptures returned to Greece by the British Museum which refuses to return them.

vasilopita basil pie

Also called 'Protochronia', Greek New Year is a celebratory mix of traditional rites and modern and, in a twist on holiday celebrations in the UK, Agios Vasilios is the Greek version of Santa Claus.

greek marbles parthenon ilissos statue

Shipping one of the Parthenon Marbles to Russia triggered outrage in Greece. The British Museum has often claimed that the sculptures cannot be returned to Greece as they are too fragile to be moved anywhere.


Archaeologists in Delos have discovered an ancient pottery 6ft under the sea off the coast of Delos. The tiny island has become a treasure trove of historical goodies which keeps giving.

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