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August full moon sites open

- by Archimedes

August full moon sites open in Greece.

Artistic and cultural events of every kind are planned for the August full moon celebrations at archaeological and cultural sites across Greece and the Greek Islands this year. More than 70 sites, from monuments to museums, plan to stage events as the August full moon celebrations become firmly embedded into the Greek cultural calendar.

For the past few years, the Greek government has thrown open a selection of its most popular archaeological for the night of the August full moon which this year falls around August 21st.

Free musical concerts, theatrical performances, guided tours, video screenings are among the events planned by the Ministry of Culture in what has become a very popular Greek institution.

The full list of events for 2013 has yet to be announced but the number of sites included increases year on year. Unfortunately the most famous site of all, the Acropolis in Athens, stayed shut last year, a victim of its own success as authorities feared too many would turn up.

Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage Maria Andreadaki-Vlazak said: "Despite the very difficult times we are going through, we want to offer an evening of joy near the monuments. We believe that the full moon events should be realized again this year in order to have this contact with the antiquities under the August moon."

There will by a concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Athens on Filipappou Hill and the archaeological site of Elefsina will also be hold musical performances. Works is also under way on staging events at archaeological sites in the Cyclades and Ionian islands.

Admission is free and the date can vary depending on which night has the fullest moon. Most participating sites stay open until the early hours and some are open all night.

The best experience for Greek Islands holiday visitors is not always the noisiest and more obscure sites where there are fewer people are often the most memorable. Many prefer to time their visit to moonrise as the moon appears larger close to the horizon.

Many take along a camera to take a photos of moonlight through marble columns and timeless ruins.