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Greek museums celebrate Museum Day

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Greek museums celebrate Museum Day.

Museums across Greece and the Greek Islands open their doors today to celebrate International Museum Day. And holiday visitors can enjoy a host of museum events including concerts and exhibitions and the sale of replica artefacts and remembrance coins. This year's coin displays a fighting rooster which was a symbol for competitive athletes and fighters in ancient Athens.

Cock fighting alektryonon agones was common on the south slope of the Acropolis from as early as the 5th century BC.

Free concerts as well as free entrance are a feature of celebrations at the Acropolis Museum in Athens with recitals dedicated to famous Greek composers.

Many museums across the Greek islands will also be staging exhibitions, educational programmes, workshops, conferences, lectures, guided tours, music performances and other events.

This year's celebration theme is wrapped up in the rather strange equation 'Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change' – make of that what you will.

In particular the Archaeological Museum of Delphi is to hold a host of cultural events to coincide with International Museum Day. on May 18.

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) established International Museum Day in 1977 to try and increase the public awareness of the role of modern day museums.

Last year the International Museum Day notched up a record-breaking number of participants with nearly 32,000 museums worldwide hosting events across 129 countries.