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Greek beach parties set to be banned

- by Dabs Banner

Greek holiday beach parties are famous all over the world, but their days may be numbered.

According to Greek reports, the government's Finance Ministry has informed local authorities in the Greek islands that noisy, all-night beach parties are now illegal.

Loud music, beach parties and other all-night revelries are banned from Greece's beaches and public places and local police told to stop any events from being organised.

The news will come as a blow to many of the more popular Greek island holiday destinations where all-night beach parties have become a major attraction.

Islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and Ios are renowned for the beach party scene where ad hoc events don't usually kick off until midnight and holidaymakers often party until dawn.

The new law was voted through the Greek parliament in last May as part of a government crackdown on tax dodgers. Greek island beach parties are usually unlicensed, uncontrolled and open to all – that has always been part of their attraction.

According to the new law, the use of public beaches is permitted only for beach bar businesses such as tavernas, boat trips and watersports.

The authorities do admit that actually putting this law into practice may prove difficult as he monitoring all the Greek island beaches is practically impossible.

But police and local authorities have been ordered by the Greek Ministry of Finance to prevent them happening and to collect evidence against any wrong-doers whenever possible with a view to prosecution.

It may mean that party-goers themselves may be moved on by police and equipment such as music players and speakers confiscated.

Music on Greek beaches is still allowed, but according to the new regulations, the noise level must be no higher than 50 decibels and any beach lighting must be 'low-level'.

If island authorities act on the law it could prove devastating for Greek beach clubs that have thrived on the beach party scene.

On beaches like Mylopotas on Ios, all-night parties attract thousands of youngsters throughout the holiday season.

Partygoers usually don't start arriving until 11 pm and loudspeakers belt out the music with bars going wild until 4-5 am and often even past daybreak.

The main Greek party islands are Mykonos, Ios, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos and Paros. In the high summer season, party beaches can get very crowded with youngsters eager to have fun.

All-night outdoor clubbing, bar-hopping and beach parties draw thousands throughout the summer. Paradise beach on Mykonos hosts 24 -hours parties almost every night with guest DJs while Rhodes, Kos, and Corfu boast party beach hotspots such as Faliraki on Rhodes, Kavos on Corfu and Kardamena on Kos.