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Greek sites open for August full moon

- by Dabs Banner

Another Greek August, another Greek full moon and scores of archaeological sites, museums and other tourist attractions will stay open late.

Visitors to Greece and the Greek islands can witness historic sites while bathed in the light of a full August moon in an event that has become a major date in the Geek tourism calendar.

This year's moonlight event is on August 29th when a total of 140 sites will stay open to late-night visitors including the Temple of Olympian Zeus, in Athens, and the sacred island of Delos, near Mykonos.

Unfortunately, the historic Acropolis in Athens, the highlight of the event in former years, will be closed from 8 pm this year as it is undergoing restoration work and a midnight event has been ruled out for safety reasons.

But the Acropolis Museum will celebrate the full moon with an outdoor event called 'Tango Acropolis' held in the museum's courtyard where dancers and musicians will stage performances inspired by the tango with the public invited to join in the dancing.

Other major mainland historic sites will be opening their doors to the public free of charge, including Cape Sounion close to Athens, the Cave of Theopetra at Meteora, and the castle town of Mystras on the Peloponnese peninsula.

It is the fifth consecutive year that Greek sites have been thrown open to the public for the August full moon and many events have been lined up to make the most of the opportunity including musical shows, theatrical performances and moonlit guided tours.

Among the many sites participating on the Greek islands this year are the Ireon archaeological site on Samos; the Thermi prehistoric settlement on Lesvos; the Nikolaides Mansion on Patmos; the Rodos Archaeological Museum on Rhodes; the Paros Archaeological Museum the Akrotiri archaeological site on Santorini; Knossos Palace and Aptera sites on Crete and the Archaeological Museum of Thassos.

Last year a total of 110 sites joined in with free August full moon events so this year's 140 shows just how fast this is growing in popularity every year, giving even more holiday visitors the opportunity to enjoy the full harvest moon at some of the most important heritage sites of ancient Greece.

Holiday visitors can not only enjoy the performances but can also soak up the romantic atmosphere while walking the ancient sights on a warm August night and the full moon in all its glory.