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Learn Greek on holiday

- by Guest Post

Learn Greek on a Greek island holiday.

Love Greece, love its language. Now you can learn to speak Greek while having a great time on the Greek holiday island of Syros. OMILO is a successful Greek language school that has developed a unique approach to teaching Greek. Informal classes against the backdrop of Greek Island beaches and a select team of Greek teachers makes learning Greek an enjoyable experience for all.

Greek language courses are about to begin on the lovely Greek island of Syros with people from all over the world gathering together to learn the Greek language.

You already know much more Greek than you think. The English language is riddled with Greek words. Even the word 'alphabet' derives from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet – 'alpha' and 'beta'.

Anyone who has been on holiday in Greece knowns that even a few phrases spoken in Greek will endear you to Greek people forever. It is hugely useful and very enjoyable to be able to speak Greek and what could be better than learning Greek in the country itself?

Language teachers at OMILO work with small groups and provide private tutoring. You can learn to order coffee, hold a conversation with a neighbour and, at the same time, acquire an intimate knowledge of contemporary Greek life.

OMILO holds intensive Greek classes in the picturesque town of Nafplion on mainland Greece and on the sunny Cycladic islands of Syros and Andros. Even if you cannot get to Greece OMILO even offers email lesson programs so you can make progress at your own pace, from anywhere at any time.

Courses get under way this month on the island of Syros with more courses planned in June, July and September both on Syros and the popular holiday island of Andros. You can learn all about them on the OMILO website.

The courses on Syros take place in Azolimnos, just 4km south of the Syros capital of Ermoupoli. There are beautiful beaches and tavernas at the course location and frequent buses to and from Ermoupoli.

OMILO is not only a great language school, it also offers accommodation in beautiful apartments or you can arrange your own accommodation and just pay for the course. You are expected to make your own travel arrangements to Greece. Most visitors book a flight to Athens and then travel from Athens by boat.

But learning Greek on Syros is not all work and no play. Included in the course are walks in Ermoupolis and Ano-Syros, Greek dance lessons, a short introduction to Greek music and a taverna dinner on arrival with optional activities including a boat trip, a musical performance in Ermoupoli and organised taverna evenings.

Syros lies in the middle of the Cycladic islands between Kythnos and Tinos, an island full of beauty and charm with an unspoiled landscape and traditional villages.

And please not that the OMILO Greek Cultural Week 2012 is held on the Greek Island of Andros at the end of August when you can enjoy learning Greek dancing, cooking and have private lessons in Greek.

On an OMILO Greek language course you not only get to enjoy a Greek island holiday but you also get a chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world – people who love Greece and people who love to learn the Greek language.