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The Cyclades is home to the archetypal Greek islands. There are islands to suit all tastes - from the spectacular volcanic caldera of Santorini to the jet-set beaches of Mykonos. The most notable Cycladic holiday islands include Amorgos, Andros, Ios, Folegandros, Naxos, Paros and Syros. The lack of direct flights to many Cycladic islands keep the big tour operators at bay while good ferry links attract island hoppers holidays and the yachting set.

Santorini cruise ships
Santorini sinks under cruise ships

Santorini may be a favourite island for holidaymakers but it's also a must-see port of call for cruise ships and looks set to pose problems for yet another year as thousand arrive on Mediterranean cruises.

Mykonos island waterfront
Mykonos pays price for popularity

The Greek island of Mykonos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean but there is a heavy price to pay for popularity. But popularity comes at a price.

The caldera of Santorini Greece
Santorini suffers tourism boom

Santorini may be pulling in the holiday visitors; the problem is where to put them all. International arrivals at the island airport are up more than a third year on year.

Koumbara beach Ios
Luxury complex for Ios

A popular Greek holiday island for clubbers, Ios looks set to go ahead with a multimillion euro tourism complex. The go-ahead has been given for a luxury coastal tourist resort near Koumbara.

Santorini tempts winter visitors

Santorini wants more winter visitors to the island and hoteliers are to launch a major initiative to tempt off-peak travellers. Hotel owners been persuaded to stay open throughout the winter months.

Windsurfing on Naxos
Naxos hosts windsurf spectacular

The Greek island of Naxos has been showing off it windsurfing skills in style at the biggest freestyle event in Greece. The weekend event was held on the beach at Agios Georgios.

Visitor guide to Santorini

In the sea just north of Crete, over three thousand years ago during the Minoan Era, sat a volcanic island. Known as Stronghyle to the Minoans of Crete, it became home to a bustling trade port. However, the volcano erupted violently to create the island of Santorini

Santorini holidays all year round

The popular holiday island of Santorini hopes to pave the way in making the Greek Islands a year-round holiday destination. Island authorities have agreed to promote Santorini as a winter holiday break and cash in on the increased number of flights and ferries.

Naxos gets new video promo

Despite having some of the best beaches in the Greek Islands and at the centre of the Cyclades group of islands, Naxos finds itself sidelined by other islands in the fight to attract tourists.

ios port
Yachting guide to Ios

Santorini has always been on people's wish-lists for a place to visit when sailing in the Cyclades, but the local authorities have now made the island of Ios a little bit of heaven to visit.

paros airport construction
Paros to get new airport

The Greek island of Paros in the heart of the Cyclades group of islands looks set to open a new island airport next year after the Greek government stepped in to speed up the project.

mykonos club
Mykonos clubs close in protest

Nightclub owners on the popular Greek holiday island of Mykonos have locked the doors to their clubs in protest at new regulations. Club owners are angry at new laws that impose a 3am curfew.

View over Santorini caldera
Speak Greek on Santorini

Holiday visitors to the Greek island of Santorini can pick up the language at a speak Greek school this summer. The Hellenic Culture Centre is organising some two-week intensive courses.

Naxos Portara
Naxos top ten award

Naxos has been placed among the top ten holiday islands in the world by a leading travel website. The Cycladic island of Naxos is ranked the sixth best island in the world.

andros dovecote
The dovecotes of Andros

Intricately designed dovecotes are dotted in fields and villages all over Andros. Many of the Andros dovecotes are extremely large; some are nearly as big as the house of their owners.

santorini panorama 3d
Panoramas of Santorini

A team of Russian photographers has captured some startling panoramic photos of the most spectacular sights on the island of Santorini and placed them online at an interactive website.

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