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The Greek holiday island of Andros is located in the central Cyclades group. Andros is large island and a popular choice for weekending Greek mainlanders. The the main tourist beach resort is at Batsi with the island capital of Chora popular with visitors. A network of old footpaths makes Andros a walkers' heaven but Andros beaches are both scarce and mediocre, given the island's size.

andros dovecote

Intricately designed dovecotes are dotted in fields and villages all over Andros. Many of the Andros dovecotes are extremely large; some are nearly as big as the house of their owners.

Andros art exhibition Byzantine

Visitors on holiday in Andros this summer can enjoy a modern take on Byzantine art The Museum of Contemporary Art on the island of Andros is to host an exhibition of modern art that takes its inspiration from the Byzantine tradition.

Omilo to hold courses on Andros

Imagine: sun, crystal clear waters, delicious food, top notch activities for all the family. . . and all this on a Greek island of Andros, in Cyclades. What more could you ask for from a Greek island holiday? OMILO is organizing this summer . . .

Andros dovecotes as big as houses

Anyone who has been on a holiday to Andros island cannot have failed to be impressed by the Greek island's architectural heritage. Along with its near neighbour Tinos, the buildings of Andros island have a special character of their own . . .

Andros island illegal waste dump

Moves are under way to remove tons of rubbish dumped illegally on one of the most important archaeological sites in the Greek islands. The valley slopes at the archaeological site Strofila, in the Stavropedra area of central Andros . . .

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