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Art exhibition inspired by Byzantium

- by Archimedes

Art exhibition inspired by Byzantium.

Visitors on holiday in Andros this summer can enjoy a modern take on traditional Byzantine art. The Museum of Contemporary Art on the island of Andros is to host an exhibition of modern art that takes its inspiration from the Byzantine tradition.

The exhibition traces the recent works of distinguished painters whose work is based on religious themes and has contributed to the modern revival of interest in Byzantine art.

The exhibition which runs throughout July, August and September, has more than 130 works on display and is accompanied by an authoritative catalogue with scholarly text comments.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in located in Hora, the capital town of Andros, and was founded in 1979 by the Goulandris family.

The museum, which has a floor area of 200 square metres and built to exhibit works by Andriot sculptor, Michael Tombros, which he bequeathed to his native island.

The museum art collection has been added to over the years with works from the collection of the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation.

The museum's permanent collection includes more that 300 works by both Greek and international artists with works exhibited in rotation throughout most of the year.

Rising numbers of visitors led to the expansion of the Andros museum to a new wing opposite the original buildings, which opened in 1986.

The gardens and the architectural integration of the building with its surroundings netted the museum a distinction from the 'The International Garden and Greenery Exposition' in Osaka, Japan in 1990.

Every summer since 1986, the museum has put on temporary exhibitions by leading modern artists. Each exhibition also features art discussion groups illustrated catalogues, posters and postcards, film screenings on the life and work of artists and guided tours and art workshops.

The main aim of the museum is to promote Greek and international modern and contemporary art and a visit to the museum will make a pleasant diversion for anyone with an interest in art on holiday in Andros.