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Greek Islands bash for celebrities

- by Dabs Banner

Greek Islands bash for celebrities.

The mega-rich celebrity Kardashian family has been touring the Greek Islands on a ten-day holiday spree. Sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe along with mother Kris and 20 more family members, as well as a TV camera crew of 50, flew to a Mykonos break this week.

The family has rented several luxurious villas and hired a luxury yacht for their stay; the TV crew, obviously, were stuck in a cheap hotel.

The media savvy family spend their time swimming, sunbathing, snapping pictures and shooting footage for their reality TV show 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.

They all made a decent stab at snubbing the locals and ignoring the paparazzi who quickly surrounded the socialite spenders.

Celebrity magazines reported the three sisters walking to the port of Mykonos wearing white bathrobes – as the world held its breath.

A bit of a bored diversion from the Mykonos fling has been a row with a Santorini hotel owner over party plate-smashing, Greek style.

Local media reported the Kardashians demanding to smash plates at a party in the Santorini hotel but the Greek owner refused.

Many holiday visitors to boats to hop between the Greek islands but these had leased a private plane to fly them from Mykonos to Santorini for the day.

They shot more scenes to the TV show and tweeted lots of pictures from the island while hordes of photographers prayed for some bikini footage.

The idea of a Greek Island holiday came from the Hellenic-American Chamber of Tourism as a good publicity stunt for the Greek Islands and – let's be honest – it's paying off so far.