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Mykonos club protest

- by Dabs Banner

Owners angry at imposition of 3am curfew.

Nightclub owners on the popular Greek holiday island of Mykonos have locked the doors to their clubs in protest at new regulations.

Club owners are angry at new laws which now force them to close their doors at 3am and ask customers to leaves. Now theyt have imposed their own 10-day strike to try and force island authorities to change their minds and let clients dance until dawn.

It means that holidaymakers hoping to dance the night away at popular Mykonos resorts will find club doors closed and notices explaining why club owners have taken such drastic strike action.

New regulations on late night entertainment venues across Greece include a ban on opening after 3am without special permission.

Greek authorities have been vigilant in imposing 3am curfews on nightclubs and bars across the island, prompting a backlash from owners who claim they are only meeting public demand.


Club owners argue that the new regulations will have a dramatic effect on their businesses, as well as hurting the whole of the island's economy.

Some bars and restaurants have joined in the protest by closing their premises just as the main holiday season is getting under way.

Mykonos, lies at the heart of the Cyclades islands, and is a popular destination for young people with scores of late night bars and nightclubs in the island capital.

A famous playground for the rich and famous, Mykonos is also favoured by gays who make up a large proportion of the holiday population each year.

Noted for its party atmosphere Mykonos also attracts young couples who want to marry and spend their honeymoon there with several Mykonos-based wedding agencies now offering luxury weddings in a dream Greek island setting.

The island's newly elected mayor is backing the protest and has asked for talks with ministers in Athens to try and reach a solution. Meanwhile the doors of many clubs, bars and restaurants are staying firmly shut and owners threaten more action over the peak holiday season.