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Naxos island news and views

Naxos island is located in the heart of the central Cyclades group of Greek islands. Naxos is a big island but most beaches are on the south-west coast. The fertile Naxos farmland means islanders have kept tourism low key. As a result, Naxos maintains a strong Greek identity and many villages have a traditional character. Naxos offers good beach holidays without the crowds and easy island hopping from the main port.

Windsurfing on Naxos
Naxos hosts windsurf spectacular

The Greek island of Naxos has been showing off it windsurfing skills in style at the biggest freestyle event in Greece. The weekend event was held on the beach at Agios Georgios.

Naxos gets new video promo

Despite having some of the best beaches in the Greek Islands and at the centre of the Cyclades group of islands, Naxos finds itself sidelined by other islands in the fight to attract tourists.

Naxos Portara
Naxos top ten award

Naxos has been placed among the top ten holiday islands in the world by a leading travel website. The Cycladic island of Naxos is ranked the sixth best island in the world.

Naxos agios prokopios
Naxos yacht hits rocks

News of a German yacht hitting rocks off the Greek island of Naxos has raised fears for the safety of boat passengers in waters around the island. The incident late last month reminded many of the tragic sinking of the Express Samina in 2000 when it hit rocks near Naxos with the loss of 82 lives.

Naxos posters
Naxos posters

Residents of the Cycladic island of Naxos have called for a crackdown on posters and leaflet advertising on the Greek holiday island. They are fed up with the hundreds of posters and stickers that are plastered all over Naxos Town to advertise forthcoming events.

Nude on Naxos beach
Naxos beach nudists

Nudist sunbathers on Naxos holidays should have their own designated Naxos beach areas on which to sunbathe, it is suggested. Many Greek island holidaymakers in Naxos head to the long beach areas of Plaka and Kastraki where sheltered . . .

Alexander Papadiamantis
Greek writer

Naxos island is to celebrate the work of renowned Greek writer Alexander Papdiamantis on the centenary of his death in 1911. Events in the village of Foliti, the largest village on Naxos, include readings from his works, an exhibition and film shows . .