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Naxos holidays attract nudists

- by John Swift

Naxos beach holidays attract more nudists.

Nudist sunbathers on Naxos holidays should have their own designated Naxos beach areas on which to sunbathe, it is suggested. Many Greek island holidaymakers in Naxos head to the long beach areas of Plaka and Kastraki where sheltered dunes and empty sands encourage sunbathers to strip off.

But the recent growth in nudism on Greek island beaches, especially on Naxos island, has prompted calls for tighter controls on nude sunbathing.

The laws on nude sunbathing in Greece remain unclear. Although police can clamp down on illegal campsites they can only act on beach nudity if they receive an official formal complaint from someone who is offended by the presence of nudists.

As a result, nudist beaches in the Greek islands tend to be more remote and isolated, away from places where passers-by are likely to lodge complaints.

There are currently 11 beaches on Naxos where nudism is tolerated. Nudist bathers can be found on Naxos beaches at Agia Anna, Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Lakouna, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki, Pyrgaki, Agios Mammas, Limenari, Psili Ammos and at Panormos.

Hotel and taverna owners say they have many customers who only come to the Greek island of Naxos because of the freedom to strip off and that a ban would bring considerable financial hardship to local businesses.

As remote beaches on Naxos have become more popular with families the nudist sunbathers have moved to even more remote areas in order not to cause offence. Now some Naxos locals want special sections of beach demarcated for use by nudists.

One Plaka beach taverna owner said: "Our mistake is that there has been no clear delineation of the area where nudism is allowed. We should demarcate the part of the beach where nudism is allowed. I believe nudists will welcome such a move as it will provide them with a greater sense of security."