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Naxos wall posters create litter

- by Dabs Banner

Naxos wall posters create litter problem.

Residents of the Cycladic island of Naxos have called for a crackdown on posters and leaflet advertising on the Greek holiday island. They are fed up with the hundreds of posters and stickers that are plastered all over Naxos Town to advertise forthcoming events.

Now they want new laws to stop posters being stuck on walls, trees, doors, poles and windows every time a new event is promoted in Naxos Town.

And they want those that stick up posters to pay for the clean-up afterwards when posters turn into street litter long after the events have passed.

Recently a theatrical group from Athens put on a performance at the Naxos Town primary school that was warmly welcomed and enjoyed by all.

But the town was covered in posters advertising the event and when the theatre group left they left the posters behind too.

The municipality has now been urged to take action against companies that litter the island with posters and fines for those that fail to remove posters from walls, poles, trees and other places after the event is over.

Objectors say the island of Naxos already has too few green spaces as pavements and squares are take over by tavernas and cafes, illegal parking is rife and the main roads littered with commercial signs.

Allowing the island to be littered with posters is adding to the pollution and will not only affect local people but will eventually drive away holiday visitors too.

Naxos is located in the heart of the central Cyclades group of Greek islands and it's one of the most mountainous. The miles of white sand beaches are considered the best in the Cyclades.