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Naxos top ten accolade

- by Dabs Banner

Greek island voted one of the world's best.

Naxos has been placed among the top ten favourite holiday islands in the world by a leading travel company website.

The Cycladic island of Naxos has been ranked the sixth best holiday break island in the world in the TripAdvisor 2014 Traveller's Choice Awards in a worldwide vote by the website's regular readers.

The awards are handed out every year to holiday island destinations across the world that get the highest ranking for the quality and quantity of its hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Site users are asked throughout the year to give marks for their holiday experience after visiting the islands.

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades group and a big island, although most tourist accommodation is confined to the south-west coastal beach resorts.

The long, empty stretches of sand and dunes interspersed with charming beach resorts make for an attractive holiday destination both for those who like busy holiday crowds and those who enjoy an empty expanse of beaches.

The main port resort at Naxos Town has an impressive harbour overseen by the offshore islet of Palatia with its famous Portaras gate.

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and the most fertile with many crop fields and citrus orchards in the verdant valleys.

It has miles and miles of white sand beaches which are considered many to be the best in the Cyclades and, as Naxos is at the hub of the Cyclades ferry system, it is an easy island to reach and an ideal location for a Greek island hopping holiday.

Naxos islanders have a strong Greek identity, particularly in the many charming hill villages and many visitors comment on the friendliness and generosity of Naxiots.

TripAdvisor describes Naxos: "A spot of white in the turquoise waters ... a unique blend of ancient ruins and beach culture."

Naxos came sixth overall in the world rankings of holiday islands beaten by islands in Belize, Caicos, Polynesia, Florida and Scotland. but ahead of the Cook islands and islands off Madagascar, Chile and Thailand.

"These winning islands have been highly rated from travellers around the globe," said a spokesman for the travel company.

Favourite holiday destination on Naxos are the main town or Hora, which has the huge marble gateway of Portara standing more than twenty feet high on the tiny islet of Palatia and linked to the town by a short causeway.

The main town beach of Agios Georgios lies just outside the capital, a long crescent of sand with lots of tourist beach facilities and beyond that, over salt marshes, is Agios Prokopios with a resort village behind.

The charming harbour and sands at Agia Anna are visited daily by taxi boats taking tourist to enjoy the family tavernas that lie behind the beach of soft, golden sand.

South of here are vast stretches of dune-backed sandy beaches from the famous Plaka beach to the beach resort at Pyrgaki on the south east tip of the island.

Naxos island attraction include the charming hillside villages of Chalki, Filoti and Apeiranthos and its fortified towers or 'pyrgi' built either for defence against pirates or as homes for Venetians.