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Music ban for Antiparos holiday bars

- by John Swift

Music ban for Antiparos holiday bars.

Music bars and discos may be attracting youngsters on Greek Island holidays but they are giving locals on the tiny Greek island of Antiparos a major headache. Bar owners on Antiparos island, near the popular holiday island of Paros, have been asked to turn down the volume to give local residents some peace and quiet at night.

The call has come from the municipal council which met recently to discuss complaints at late-night noise at bars and clubs providing musical entertainment for visitors on Greek island holidays.

Now Anitparos holiday bar owners have been given 40 days to quieten down or face action to curb music-making which currently can last all night. The council has asked people on both sides to show a positive attitude and patience.

A council spokesman said: "We thought we should make another attempt to reconcile the views of the residents of Antiparos and the owners of such establishments in order to put an end to the tension and mood of confrontation existing between both sides."

Antiparos Mayor Yiannis Levendakis added: "The business owners should undertake not to disturb the residents of the island and the people residing in the vicinity of these establishments."

Bar owners have agreed to turn off the music at 3.30am nightly, except on Friday and Saturday and to close down at 4am every night.