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Santorini island news and views

The romantic Greek island of Santorini lies in the central Cyclades group of Greek islands. Santorini panders to up-market Greek island holidays with many luxury Santorini hotels to be found. Cruise ships bring holiday visitors to gasp at the romantic sunset skies and turn on to the island's hot nightclubs. Sunset views over the caldera make this a favourite Island for honeymooners.

Impressive finds on Santorini
Anger at Akrotiri

Anger is mounting on the holiday island of Santorini as the impressive Akrotiri archaeological site remains closed the public even though restoration work is complete. The Akrotiri site on Santorini was shut down more than six years ago . . .

Ancient site at Akrotiri on Santorini
Santorini tragedy

It appears that a trial is to start to determine who is to blame for the roof collapse at the world-famous archaeological site at Akrotiri on the holiday island of Santorini. Twelve people have been charged in connection with the collapse . . .

Santorini Akrotiri site
Santorini jail terms

Prison sentences have been imposed on eight defendants following the death of a Welsh tourist when the roof collapsed at the archaeological site of Akrotiri on Santorini. The 'bioclimate' roof collapsed in 2005 leading to the death . . .

santorini panorama 3d
Panoramas of Santorini

A team of Russian photographers has captured some startling panoramic photos of the most spectacular sights on the island of Santorini and placed them online at an interactive website.

The caldera of Santorini Greece
Couples in love with Santorini

Romance is in the air on the Greek holiday island of Santorini. So far this year, more than 1,000 couples have exchanged vows on the Aegean island of Santorini this year

Santorini festival fireworks
Santorini erupts

Holiday visitors travelling to Santorini can expect the volcano island to erupt tonight. The island's Ifestia Festival is its annual tribute to the active island volcano with a spectacular display of thousands of fireworks.

The caldera of Santorini Greece
Santorini volcanos

Few visitors to the Greek Island of Santorini will be unaware of the island's volcanic birth in a cataclysmic eruption. Santorini's spectacular sunsets, a hot draw for thousands of holiday visitors, are a result of fumes from the smouldering volcano . . .

Santorini cruise ship hits rocks
Santorini holiday cruise ship

Visitors on holiday in Santorini in 2007 will recall the sinking of the Sea Diamond cruise liner in the caldera when two French tourists died. Now a total of 13 people are set to stand trial in connection with the sinking of the Sea Diamond . . .

Santorini donkeys can get poorly treated
Santorini fines

Santorini donkeys have always been a big hit on Greek island tours but their welfare has often been a problem. Now the first fines have been imposed on Santorini donkey owners for breaching Santorini island animal welfare codes . . .

Megaro Gyzi Centre on Santorini
Santorini festival

Holiday visitors to Santorini island can enjoy music and painting at one of the island's most renowned cultural events. Seven music concerts and a painting exhibition make up the programme for the Megaro Gyzi Festival 2011 . . .

Santorini holidays all year round

The popular holiday island of Santorini hopes to pave the way in making the Greek Islands a year-round holiday destination. Island authorities have agreed to promote Santorini as a winter holiday break and cash in on the increased number of flights and ferries.

Santorini Firostefani
Santorini running

The holiday island of Santorini is playing host to some of the world's best free running athletes. Organisers say houses that spill down the side of the Santorini caldera are a perfect location

Profitis Ilias radar
Santorini monks

The NATO towers surrounding that top Profitis Ilias mountain on the tourist island of Santorini have long been an ugly eyesore. Now the monks of the neighbouring monastery say they have had enough as the towers gets a modern upgrade.

santorini monolithos church
Santorini plans new marina

One of the best tourist seasons ever for the island of Santorini has prompted island leaders to consider building a new yacht marina at the Santorini resort of Monolithos.

Santorini cruise ships
Santorini sinks under cruise ships

Santorini may be a favourite island for holidaymakers but it's also a must-see port of call for cruise ships and looks set to pose problems for yet another year as thousand arrive on Mediterranean cruises.

The caldera of Santorini Greece
Santorini suffers tourism boom

Santorini may be pulling in the holiday visitors; the problem is where to put them all. International arrivals at the island airport are up more than a third year on year.

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