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Santorini visitors in the dark

- by Archimedes

Santorini visitors in the dark.

Holiday tourists on the Greek island of Santorini have been plunged into darkness following a blaze in the island's only power station. Around 150,000 visitors are on Santorini at the moment as the holiday season reaches its peak. Lights went off across the island yesterday when the fire broke out and power has yet to be restored.

Shops and stores are lit by candles and tourists drank warm beer and ate salads both on Santorini and the neighbouring island of Thirasia.

Repair work started immediately and some power was restored to the airport and to the health centre but may parts of the island will still be in darkness tonight.

Taverna owners and food shops are hoping for a quick restoration of supplies as refrigerators and freezers are shut down.

A Greek navy ship has been dispatched with back-up generators from Rhodes and Paros while a cargo ship has been diverted to Santorini to help install the generators.

Santorini's mayor Anastasos Zorzos is hoping power will be fully restored by nightfall. Meanwhile residents and shopkeepers prepare for another night without power.