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Panoramic views of Santorini

- by Dabs Banner

Panoramic photos of the most spectacular sights.

Holiday visitors to Santorini can now recall the highlights of this amazing island with a digital tour which captures many amazing panoramas of the island.

A team of Russian photographers has captured some startling panoramic photos of the most spectacular sights on Santorni and placed them online at an interactive website.

AirPano is a non-commercial project which is at the cutting edge of high resolution 3D aerial panoramas.

The team from AirPano has also created digital panoramic tours of other sights from many different countries across the world.

The AirPano team is a group of Russian photographers and panorama enthusiasts and over the next few years they plan to shoot a wide variety of aerial panoramas and create virtual 3D tours of some the most interesting places they can find.

The Santorini panoramas taken from more than a dozen sightseeing points on the Greek island can be opened in several different resolutions.

High resolution panorama with the best quality is about 7 Mb large and it is suitable for fast Internet connections and modern computers.

For slower Internet links and those with older computers the team has created smaller low resolution panoramas where small details have been sacrificed to make the low resolution panoramas no more than 2 Mb.

The natural beauty of Santorini, created by a massive volcanic explosion is a perfect choice for a panoramic tour with the white cube village houses spilling down the dark cliffs into the deep blue of the caldera below.

Santorini was named by the Venetians after the local saint Irene but, although the name is used across the world, the Greeks still call it Thira or Fira, after the island capital.

Continuous volcanic activity has slowly shaped modern Santorini which resembles a sickle surrounding the small active volcanic islets of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni.

The villages of Oia and Fira are a magnet for photographers and artists as well as tourists. They site precariously on the rim of the caldera and enjoy spectacular views and remarkable sunsets.

The houses of white and blue cascade down the steep cliff face with roofs of lower level houses often acting as balconies for those above.

The traffic free village streets are packed with holidaymakers and cruise ship visitors throughout the summer many of who are day trippers and only here for a few hours to capture the remarkable sunsets for which Santorini is famous.