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See Santorini before you die

- by Archimedes

See Santorini before you die.

The volcanic holiday island of Santorini joins the pyramids of Giza, the temples at Machu Picchu and the Parthenon in Athens as a place you must see before you die. According to an article published by the American magazine Smithsonian, Santorini, is one of '43 places you should see before you die '.

The author was 'perched on the edge of the world' when on a Santorini holiday at the Greek island that is considered one of the most spectacular in the world.

The article praises the great cuisine of the island, citing Santorini's cherry tomatoes, its fava, the karydopites, the yogurt with honey and, especially, the unique wine-producing volcanic soil.

There is not a lot of praise for Santorini's black sand beaches for which there are only two pieces of advice – thick towels and sandals. The volcanic black sand beaches are notoriously hot as they soak up the suns rays.

But the unique geography of Santorini and the wild beauty of the landscape should excite even the most demanding visitor, claims the article, while the views overlooking the deep caldera, formed by a volcanic eruption almost 3,600 years ago, are just 'breathtaking'.

The Parthenon temple to Athena, in the centre of Athens, also features in the must-see world sights. Around 2,400 years old, the article says the building was once a blaze of vivid colours, painted in red, green and blue and remained intact until a siege in 1687 when a bomb, exploded by the Venetians, destroyed much of the building.

A massive restoration effort restored much of the original building and, although the article fails to mention the Parthenon Marbles that were removed in 1801 and sold the British Museum, it does mention the New Acropolis Museum and the Parthenon Gallery in Athens, where all the sculptures of the monument are now preserved.