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Tourists get a taste of Santorini

- by Archimedes

Tourists get a taste of Santorini.

Santorini aims to cash in on its unique foods as Greece promotes its cuisine abroad. Santorini island is known for its delicious food products thanks to its volcanic soil and dry climate. Santorini wines and cherry tomatoes for example have their own special flavours, not found anywhere else.

Now Santorini is to promote its products with a 'Year of Gastronomy' campaign to highlight the importance of the island not only as a popular tourist destination but as a gastronomic one too.

The special weather conditions on Santorini, with so little annual rain, encourages plants to develop extensive root systems.

Coupled with the volcanic subsoil, it gives fruits and vegetables a special flavour found only on Santorini.

Plants adapting to the conditions on Santorini develop tough skins and delicious fruits that are particularly resistant to the arid weather conditions.

As Santorini is such a small island not enough produce can be grown to meet demand, which puts Santorini in a good position to exploit its natural advantages

The mayor of Thira, Anastasios Zorzos, said: "Through tourism we try to promote our products as an information plan from the tavernas, the hotels, the wineries and the lodgings already exists."

There are already special promotions across many parts of the world to promote Greek food products this year with Greek chefs creating special menus in many top hotels across Europe and the rest of the world.