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The Dodecanese is the name given to the long string of islands follow the Turkish coast. Where east meets west, many ate rich in culture and history with a strong Ottoman influence. Rhodes and Kos are the premier holiday islands with good flight and ferry links. Other popular holiday islands for independent travellers are Kalymnos, Patmos and Leros while Halki, Symi, Lipsi, Pserimos, Tilos and Nisyros are favourite day trip destinations.

Mastihari beach on Kos
Bumper holiday month for Kos

Kos island Greece is celebrating a bumper month for tourist holiday visitors in August 2011. The number of Kos holiday visitors landing at the island's airport topped 190,000 in August . . .

Gialos harbour on Symi
Storm brews

Tourism on the Greek island of Symi could collapse if nothing is done to clean up pollution and provide safer drinking water, officials have been warned. Sewage outflows into the sea at Gialos and the nearby holiday resort of Pedi . . .

Rhodes castle a major attraction
Best season

Holidays in Rhodes are more popular than ever this year with more than 2.5 million holidaymakers forecast to visit Rhodes in 2011. Tourism experts say holiday visitors to Rhodes will break all records this year if the seasonal trend continues . . .

Ryanair may axe winter flights
Cheap flights

Tourism leaders are alarmed at reports that cheap flight airline Ryanair could axe out-of-season flights to the Greek holiday islands of Rhodes and Kos. Rumours of the suspension of late season cheap holiday flights to the Greek islands . . .

Patmos festival of sacred music
Sacred music

Visitors on a Patmos island holiday get the opportunity to enjoy another Festival of Sacred Music to be held on the island of Patmos this September. This year the festival takes places from Friday 2nd to Wednesday, September 7 with artistic...

Tsambika beach on Rhodes
Rhodes acts to protect tourists

Port authorities in Rhodes are to crack down on activities that could cause problems or inconvenience to holiday visitors arriving in Rhodes. Street traders, room owners and others who pester tourists arrivals face tough action from the police . . .

Old Town gateway Rhodes
Alarm at beggars

Gangs of street beggars in the historic city of Rhodes, Greece, could drive away Greek island holiday tourists, city authorities have been warned. The Rhodes Hotel Association warns that the Medieval city, a World Heritage Site . . .

Patmos cave
Patmos revelations

Holidaymakers on the Dodecanese island of Patmos can drop in on a theatrical performance based on the Book of Revelations this week. The production of 'The Book of Revelation' is billed as the first ever dramatic event based on the Biblical work . . .

Tsambika beach on Rhodes
Tax raids

Tax officials have raided beach sunbed operators on a Rhodes beach in a tough crackdown on tax evasion. Officials from the Special Audit Office (SDOE) carried out early morning raids on sunbed operators on Tsambika beach on Rhodes . . .

Rhodes marina
Dock in Rhodes

Passenger traffic through the post of Rhodes, Greece rose by around 12,000 last month, according to immigration officials. A total of 98,889 passed through the ports in June compared to 86,629 in the same period last year . . .

Wind power on Greek islands
Wind power plans

Many smaller Greek islands plan on going green in the near future by meeting the full total of all their power needs entirely from renewable energy sources.

Poisonous puffer fish
Poison fish alert

Bathers in Greek Islands' holiday resorts and other Mediterranean tourist hotspots are warned to be on the lookout for a poisonous puffer fish.

Rhodes castle a major attraction
Rhodes season

Rhodes looks poised to make a bid to extend the summer season and bring in more holiday visitors out of season. The moves were discussed at a meeting of the Association of Directors Hotel Rhodes.

Artists impression of new marina
Rhodes marina

Having got ropes snagged more times than I can remember it's good to hear that the new marina is to open shortly in Rhodes.  After years in the making and delays that could only happen in Greece, the £60m marina complex is expected to open . . .

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