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The Dodecanese is the name given to the long string of islands follow the Turkish coast. Where east meets west, many ate rich in culture and history with a strong Ottoman influence. Rhodes and Kos are the premier holiday islands with good flight and ferry links. Other popular holiday islands for independent travellers are Kalymnos, Patmos and Leros while Halki, Symi, Lipsi, Pserimos, Tilos and Nisyros are favourite day trip destinations.

Afandou golf course
Rhodes golf course

Plans to sell off the island-run golf course in the Rhodes resort of Afandou have sparked outrage. Islanders fear the sale to developers could mark the end of public access to the beach at Afandou.

Old Town gateway Rhodes
Alarm at beggars

Gangs of street beggars in the historic city of Rhodes, Greece, could drive away Greek island holiday tourists, city authorities have been warned. The Rhodes Hotel Association warns that the Medieval city, a World Heritage Site . . .

Kos Asklepion ruins
Kos health

Falling ill while on a Greek holiday on Kos and other islands could prove a problem this year as medical services suffer in the recent austerity drive with a shortage of medical staff and supplies.

Mastichari Kos beach seaweed
Kos beach clean-up

Holiday visitors to the resort of Mastichari on Kos cannot fail to have noticed the rotting seaweed that lines the shore. The seaweed has been a problem for years both on the beach area and in the port that links the resort to neighbouring Kalymnos.

Rhodes castle a major attraction
Best season

Holidays in Rhodes are more popular than ever this year with more than 2.5 million holidaymakers forecast to visit Rhodes in 2011. Tourism experts say holiday visitors to Rhodes will break all records this year if the seasonal trend continues . . .

homson Boeing737 manchester
Brits first on Rhodes

Rhodes is set to spearhead the Greek Island tourist invasion later this month when the first charter plane lands at Rhodes' Diagoras Airport. The Boeing 757 from Manchester is expected to land at around 8.15pm on March 28 - the first of 2015.

Mastihari beach on Kos
Bumper holiday month for Kos

Kos island Greece is celebrating a bumper month for tourist holiday visitors in August 2011. The number of Kos holiday visitors landing at the island's airport topped 190,000 in August . . .

Kos airport holiday arrivals
Kos airport police

There are not enough airport police to deal with the holiday arrivals on Kos each year, the Greek government has been warned. Although Kos island has the same number of annual holiday arrivals as Corfu, it has three times fewer police officers.

Ryanair may axe winter flights
Cheap flights

Tourism leaders are alarmed at reports that cheap flight airline Ryanair could axe out-of-season flights to the Greek holiday islands of Rhodes and Kos. Rumours of the suspension of late season cheap holiday flights to the Greek islands . . .

kos kardemana hotel
Holiday plea for Kos tavernas

Regular holiday visitors to the island of Kos will no doubt have seen how popular beach resorts have been slowly turned over to all-inclusive hotel aimed at the package holiday market.

Kos douglas zeta-jones yacht
Stars on Kos

Hollywood superstars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have arrived on the Greek Island of Kos on a summer holiday tour of the Mediterranean. The most couple has chosen the Greek Islands to spend their holidays this summer.

Patmos Festival of Sacred Music
Patmos piano shock

Hungry mice have 'eaten' their way through a grand piano on the holiday island of Patmos. The piano is used for one of the island's premier cultural attractions, the annual Patmos Festival of Sacred Music.

rhodes storm
Islands suffer winter storms

The sun-kissed island of Rhodes may be a blaze of sunshine during the peak summer holiday season but this winter is one of the worst ever with torrential downpours and floods.

Kalymnos Myrties Beach
Kalymnos beach bar is tops

A family-run beach bar on the holiday island of Kalymnos has been ranked one of the best in the world. A survey by TV news company CNN voted the Babis Beach Bar at Myrties beach the fifth best in its World's 50 Best Beach Bars.

Kalymnos motorbikes
Kalymnos peace

One of the first things visitors notice on sailing into the main port of Kalymnos is the level of noise that bedevils the waterfront capital of Pothia . Howling motorbikes clash with the thumping from music bars in the main port.

Telendos island off Kalymnos
Kalymnos peaks

The Greek island of Kalymnos is not only a popular summer beach holiday destination it is also a magnet for world class rock climbers who tackle the testing crags

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