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Kalymnos holidays more peaceful

- by Archimedes

Kalymnos holidays may be more peaceful.

One of the first things visitors notice on sailing into the main port of Kalymnos is the level of noise that bedevils the waterfront capital of Pothia. Howling motorbikes clash with the thumping from music bars all around the main port area throughout the day and well into the night.

Now Kalymnos council officials aim to put a stop to all the noise with tough regulations to curb the decibel output from shops, bars and drivers.

The city council is to impose anti-noise regulations in Kalymnos to clamp down on the three main causes of noise pollution.

  • Noise control and curfews on motorbikes with modified exhausts that create loud noise.
  • A crackdown on drivers of private cars that fitted with speakers that emit music at high volumes.
  • Curbs on the hours that bars can play music and the restrictions on the use of music at all shops and restaurants.

The council claims noise pollution in previous years has created a bad image for Kalymnos and urges all islanders to keep noise levels down.

Certainly island visitors can find the noise levels along the waterfront at Pothia quite disturbing with motorcycles in particular a great nuisance.

The port has always been known for high levels of traffic around the harbour and a large number of motorbikes and mopeds in use at all times of the day.

Police will be asked to make sure new regulations are enforced this summer so that summer holiday visitors to Kalymnos can enjoy the pleasures of a Greek Island holiday in peace.