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Kalymnos is one of the Dodecanese Greek islands, about 100km north-west of Rhodes and near the Turkish coast. Kalymnos holidays are for those who like to go off the beaten track. Kalymnos beaches are pretty indifferent but the main Kalymnos holiday centre is on the west coast opposite the islet of Telendos. The rock cliffs of Kalymnos are a magnet for serious climbers and the interior is criss-crossed with mule trails which attract many walkers.

Kalymnos Myrties Beach

A family-run beach bar on the holiday island of Kalymnos has been ranked one of the best in the world. A survey by TV news company CNN voted the Babis Beach Bar at Myrties beach the fifth best in its World's 50 Best Beach Bars.

Kalymnos motorbikes

One of the first things visitors notice on sailing into the main port of Kalymnos is the level of noise that bedevils the waterfront capital of Pothia . Howling motorbikes clash with the thumping from music bars in the main port.

kalymnos windmills

The Greek government has been urged to do more about the Kalymnos island windmills before they disappear. Holiday visitors to Kalymnos can see the island's last three windmills are in a very poor state.

Kalymnos Museum exhibits

One of the top tourist sights of Kalymnos may stay closed this summer. The Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos, which has many examples of pottery and sculptures but has only one member of staff.

Telendos island off Kalymnos

Kalymnos this year organized its first World Climbing Festival and attracted more than 250 top climbers. of Kalymnos is not only a popular summer beach holiday destination

Kalymnos sponges on display at museum

Anyone who has taken a holiday on Kalymnos will know the island is hugely proud of its sponge diving traditions. The Greek island of Kalymnos was once renowned as a centre of the Greek sponge diving industry. Now the techniques once used . . .

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