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Kos island news and views

Kos lies in the middle of the Dodecanese chain of Greek islands that follow the Turkish coastline between Rhodes, in the south, and Patmos, in the north. Kos holidays are hugely popular with the British and Kos is one of the best for a typical beach holiday. As well as the nightlife of Kos Town and a plethora of sandy beach resorts, Kos also offers some of the best archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.

Mastichari Kos beach seaweed
Kos beach clean-up

Holiday visitors to the resort of Mastichari on Kos cannot fail to have noticed the rotting seaweed that lines the shore. The seaweed has been a problem for years both on the beach area and in the port that links the resort to neighbouring Kalymnos.

Mastihari beach on Kos
Bumper holiday month for Kos

Kos island Greece is celebrating a bumper month for tourist holiday visitors in August 2011. The number of Kos holiday visitors landing at the island's airport topped 190,000 in August . . .

Kos airport holiday arrivals
Kos airport police

There are not enough airport police to deal with the holiday arrivals on Kos each year, the Greek government has been warned. Although Kos island has the same number of annual holiday arrivals as Corfu, it has three times fewer police officers.

kos kardemana hotel
Holiday plea for Kos tavernas

Regular holiday visitors to the island of Kos will no doubt have seen how popular beach resorts have been slowly turned over to all-inclusive hotel aimed at the package holiday market.

Kos douglas zeta-jones yacht
Stars on Kos

Hollywood superstars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have arrived on the Greek Island of Kos on a summer holiday tour of the Mediterranean. The most couple has chosen the Greek Islands to spend their holidays this summer.

Mastichari beach on Kos
Kos offers the best

Nestled in the South Aegean Sea is Kos, a small island that offers both peace and tranquillity with a party atmosphere at night. If you're looking at last minute holidays there can be no finer choice than Kos to escape the cold winter days . . .

Kos to Bodrum ferry
Kos looks to Turkey

The holiday island of Kos plans much closer ties with neighbouring Turkey in a move to promote more tourism between the two More than 80 holiday firms from Kos and Turkey met on the island to thrash out joint initiatives to create stronger links.

Hippocrates Garden Mastihari Kos
Kos garden

Kos is not only a popular holiday destination it is also the island of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher and the father of modern medicine. The Kos holiday resort of Mastichari is now home to the unique Hippocrates Garden cultural centre.

kos asklepio
Kos free culture plea

Cultural leaders on Kos are pleading for help to boost tourist holiday visitors. Top of the list is free use to stage cultural events on important archaeological and cultural sites, such as Kos Castle

Toddler Ben went missing on Kos
Kos boy case re-opens

Greek Police are to re-open the case of the missing boy Ben Needham who disappeared 20 years ago on a Kos holiday. Ben's mother Kerry Grist has talked to top Greek detectives and prosecutors . . .

Popular Psalidi beach on Kos
Kos attack

Visitors on holiday in Kos have been warned to take care when out walking at night following an attack on a British couple. The young couple were attacked by youths while returning to their Kos hotel in the Psalidi holiday resort . . .

Kos to Bodrum ferry
Kos back to normal after quake

Kos is open for holiday business as normal after the strong earthquake in mid-July. And to drive home the message the island is staging a raft of tourism promotions.

Greek island goats
Bluetongue outbreak on Kos

Sheep and goat breeders on the Greek islands are in despair as a deadly virus sweeps through their flocks. Greek livestock farmers have reported outbreaks of bluetongue in Kos, Rhodes and other islands.

Kos airport plane landing
Kos holidays

Kos is back on the holiday map after a surge in UK visitors to Kos in April. British arrivals at Kos airport jumped nearly 19% on April last year with 3,845 holidaymakers flying in from the UK alone.

kos taverna
Kos is not a hellhole

The Greek Island of Kos has hit back at 'ridiculous' claims in the British Daily Mail newspaper that an influx of refugees has turned the holiday island into a 'disgusting hellhole' UK holiday visitors to Kos are bemused at the 'hellhole' tag as few come across any refugees

Tingaki beach on the island of Kos
Kos holiday plea

The people of Kos have been urged to show restraint in dealing with visitors on holiday in Kos if the Greek island is to survive the current economic turmoil. The warning comes as holiday bookings to Kos take a tumble in the wake of austerity measures . . .

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