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Bumper holiday month for Kos

- by Dave Sewel

Bumper holiday month for Kos.

Kos island Greece is celebrating a bumper month for tourist holiday visitors in August 2011.

The number of Kos holiday visitors landing at the island's airport topped 190,000 in August compared with 160,000 in 2010.

Tourism officials say the rise of nearly 18% in Greek holiday tourist traffic this year has caused 'justifiable euphoria' among Kos island hotel and tourist managers.

A Kos island tourism spokesman said: "The August increase pushed tourism rates through the roof, continuing the success of previous months."

Germany and the UK provide the biggest numbers of holiday visitors with nearly 34,000 arrivals in August this year, a rise of 6% on last year.

Germany accounted for 38,000 August visitors – up a massive 27% on last year.

Italy is next for Kos holiday arrivals in August with 24,000 flying in, a rise of nearly 15% on last year, while the Netherlands came fourth with 16,500 visitors, up nearly 11% in 2011.
The August holiday figures were even better than those for Rhodes, which has let the way in this year's Greek island holiday revival.