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Call for more Kos airport police

- by Archimedes

Call for more Kos holiday airport police.

There are not enough airport police to deal with the thousands of holiday arrivals on Kos each year, the Greek government has been warned. Although Kos island has the same number of annual holiday arrivals as Corfu, it has three times fewer police officers.

The Dodecanese islands MP, Mika Iatridi, claims the distribution of airport police throughout the Greek Islands is unfair.

He claimed holiday arrivals and departures from airports on Kos and Corfu were roughly similar but that Corfu had about 80 more airport police than Kos.

He added that Corfu airport now has the same police strength as the popular holiday island of Rhodes which has double the number of tourist arrivals each summer season.

Last year, police numbers at the main Greek Island airports of Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, Chania and Heraklion on Crete were beefed up to meet the increased demands of summer holiday tourist traffic.

But there has been a large disparity in the distribution of officers across the Greek Islands. According to 2012 figures, 839,759 passengers arrived on Corfu and 843,548 departed through airport checkouts. The 2012 tourist arrival numbers on Kos were similar at 802,760 and 802,698.

Yet Kos has only five permanent police stationed at the island airport with 17 police cadets and 12 recruits while Corfu airport has 17 permanent police, 57 cadets and 40 police recruits.

Mr Iatridi added: "In addition, the airport of Rhodes, with almost double the traffic of passengers abroad, has approximately the same police numbers as Corfu airport."

He has called for a more even distribution of police and that officers be allocated according to the amount of tourist holiday tourist traffic through the respective Greek Island airports.