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Beach clean-up for Mastichari

- by Archimedes

Beach clean-up for Mastichari.

Holiday visitors to the resort of Mastichari on Kos cannot fail to have noticed the rotting seaweed that lines the shore. The seaweed has been a problem for years both on the beach area and in the port that links the resort to the neighbouring island of Kalymnos.

Now a massive clean up project in under way to rid the area of seaweed that not only mars the otherwise beautiful tourists beach but also accumulates in the Mastichari port area.

Work will begin with dredging the marine waters to the west of the harbour to clear the sea basin of the huge amount of rotting seaweed.

A resort official said: "This work and the immediate execution was absolutely necessary as the situation of the contamination of the area reached a very high and close to the limits of risk."

The large accumulation of seaweed in the area is in danger of clogging sewer and effluent pipes, thus creating a significant health risk for the local population and for holiday tourists in Mastichari.

The beautiful white sand beach at Mastichari is a firm favourite with holiday visitors to Kos but banks of seaweed often line the shore and the water can contain large banks of floating weed.

Ferries entering the port at Mastichari also have to negotiation large clumps of floating seaweed that can also attract rubbish and detritus.

The Mastichari town mayor, Costas Kaiserli,,has given orders for work to continue without interference until the seaweed is completely cleared from the beach and port area

He said: "We want this work completed as soon as possible with the picturesque fishing village of Kos to become a pole of attraction for all residents and visitors to our island."