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Kos to boost tourist numbers

- by Dabs Banner

Kos to boost tourist numbers.

Kos is to step up moves to bring even more holiday tourists to the island. It is part of a joint plan with Crete and Cyprus to promote marine tourism in the region and to promote the islands to overseas visitors. A meeting later this month is being called on Kos "to enhance the competitiveness of our tourism product through the use of new technologies and highlighting the special features of all tourist areas of the island."

In the pipeline is a six-point plan to boost tourist numbers on Kos next year. Measures include:

  • A new travel portal focus on marine tourism.
  • The creation of a 'tourism observatory'.
  • To convert the old Kos cultural centre into a tourist information centre.
  • To install 'infokiosks' and information signs all over the island.
  • Prepare an advertising campaign to promote Kos on social networks and popular information hubs.
  • Develop social networks for tourist promotion and information.

Plans also include collecting material on the island of Kos to spread across social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Panoramio, Google Maps and so on as well as post island information on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The Municipality of Kos is to fund the programme promote the island and provide more information for holiday visitors.