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Kos culture garden plea for funds

- by Guest Post

Kos culture garden pleads for funds.

Kos is not only a popular Greek island holiday destination it is also known as the island of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher and considered the father of modern medicine. The north coast Kos holiday resort of Mastichari is also home to the unique Hippocrates Garden cultural centre now celebrating its fifth year.

The unique centre should be on the main tourist trail for Kos holiday tours but lack of a good road is keeping tour firm visitors away.

Now the centre needs sponsors to help them construct a decent road so they can continue their work for the children and visitors who want to learn more about ancient Greek culture and civilization.

The centre is a replica of an ancient 5th century BC Greek settlement that would have existed at the time that the great Greek doctor lived.

It consists of an Oikos , an ancient Greek house, a Philosopher's Arcade with three museums and libraries, a stone theatre called the Dancing Satyrs Theatre, a botanical garden and a replica temple.

The centre promotes ancient Greek culture and architecture, its philosophy and history and more than 3,000 children have come from all over Greece and have helped plant some 2,000 trees, herbs and food plants.

As well as projects on Greek history, philosophy, and ancient Greek medicine, visitors also get to learn about recycling, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and the need to protect wild life.

Its main source of revenue comes from summer visitors but lack of a good road to the centre has kept it off the main tourist trail. Visitors have to bump there way down a 1.5km dirt track to get there and the centre website doesn't even have a map to show how to get there.

Organizers have asked the local municipality for help, but the current financial difficulties in Greece make it unlikely that money can be found to surface the road.

Anyone willing to offer any kind of help can visit the official website of the centre: www.hippocratesgarden.gr or send an e-mail to info@hippocratesgarden.gr