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Kos to promote historical park

- by Archimedes

Easier tourist access to heritage sites.

Kos Town plans to do much more promote its historic centre and create an 'Open Archaeological and Historical Park' to attract more visitors.

Kos town is already famous for its ancient heritage sites with nearly 30 major historic monuments and ancient town centre landmarks all within a few metres of each other.

Many are enjoyed by thousands of visitors who add to the delights of a beach holiday on Kos with a walk around some of the best restored archaeological sites in Greece.

But many more sites lie undiscovered among the back streets of Kos town with poor signposting and difficult access across busy town centre roads.

Now the members of Kos Town council are looking at ways to enhance the Kos holiday visitor experience when touring the extensive historic sites and at schemes to provide easier access for tourists.

Plans include a summer holiday season ban on car and motorbike traffic on roads that carve through the sites and easier access for walkers and those in pedal cycles.

Other proposals include re-siting the Kos bus station nearer the historic areas, creating new car parks within and outside the historic centre and new information notices throughout Kos town.

Other ideas being considered by Kos include the expansion of the yacht marina and a new cruise ship pier that could provide direct easy access to the archaeological sites for cruise ship visitors.

There is certainly plenty for Kos holiday visitors to see. Not only is the 14th century Castle of Knights a major tourist attraction there are also a number of impressive ruins and major excavation sites right in the heart of Kos Town.

The most notable is the Western Excavation, a 10-minute walk from Kos centre, which boasts some magnificent mosaics, imposing colonnades, ancient courtyards, Roman baths and a temple to Dionysos while the recently restored Roman Odeon amphitheatre is close by.

There is also much to see at the Ancient Agora including the remains of a huge hall as well as ruins of the Temple of Hercules, a 5th-century Christian Basilica, and a shrine to Aphrodite.