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Kos holiday boy Ben case re-opens

- by Dave Sewel

Kos holiday boy Ben case re-opens.

Greek Police are to re-open the case of the missing boy Ben Needham who disappeared 20 years ago on a Kos holiday.

Ben's mother Kerry Grist has talked to top Greek detectives and prosecutors about Ben, who disappeared on the holiday island of Kos when he was 21 months old.

Ben's disappearance is one of the longest-running missing persons cases in British history.

The Kos island case never received the publicity that followed Madeleine McCann's 2007 disappearance in Portugal.

Ben vanished as he played outside a farmhouse that his grandparents, Eddie and Christine Needham, were renovating on the Greek island of Kos in July 1991.

A retired Greek doctor came forward last July to say he recalled speaking at the time to a blond child who told him his name was Ben. The doctor connected the case to gypsies.

"I feel at last that someone is going to help me. I went home for the first time feeling that Ben is not forgotten," Kerry said yesterday at her home in Sheffield. "I know he is out there, not necessarily in Greece but somewhere in the world.

The Greek doctor claims he saw Ben in 1992 in Larissa on the Greek mainland. He says he saw the boy again a few months later with a woman from a gypsy camp. He recognised her as a former patient who could not have children.

He reported the sighting to the Greek police who did not follow up the lead. He has now reported the incident again and Interpol has become involved. The official website for the 'Help Find Ben campaign has posted artist impressions of how Ben might look now, 20 years after his disappearance on Kos island.