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Kos holiday couple attacked

- by Liz Waugh

Kos holiday couple attacked in street.

Visitors on holiday in Kos have been warned to take care when out walking at night following an attack on a British couple.

The young couple were attacked by youths while returning to their Kos hotel in the Psalidi holiday resort after a night out in Kos Town.

Both needed hospital treatment following the attack near Jimmy's Supermarket on the main road to Psalidi.

Kos police say the couple were close to their apartments when they were set upon by the gang of youths. The couple were punched and kicked in the attack.

The man was treated in hospital for a cracked jaw, cracked ribs and the woman treated for severe bruising.

The attackers ran off when noise attracted the staff from the nearby Iris Hotel in Psalidi who rushed out to help the couple being attacked and called the police.

Several youths of Turkish and Bulgarian nationality have been charged with offences relating to the incident and will appear in court on Kos later this month.

A police spokesman said: "We advise everyone to be extra vigilant when walking alone late at night and to take a taxi or other transportation where possible."

The Kos holiday resort of Psalidi is about 3km to the south of Kos town. Psalidi is one of the main holiday beach resorts on Kos and popular with couples who enjoy beach holidays by day and head for Kos Town for the nightlife.